You Could Be Next!

(Zen I posted this for those of you who look down your judgmental and unsympathetic noses at those less fortunate than you! Get a grip on reality, and get over yourselves. You could be next!

Global Shift in the Balance of Power Is Moving from West to East

It’s about time the world did something to stop the low-life assholes in Washington! And here it is, right here in the following article.

Mr and Ms Merica, your ride is about to get very, very bumpy! So you might want to start listening to your ‘prepper’ neighbors, and start digging a hole and filling it full of tainted water, GMO foods and NRA rifles and pistols. Because when this shit comes crashing down, there’s going to be a panic among the Merican sheep. The same Merican sheep who have sat idly by as their government brought this curse down on their heads!

But the elite wealth and power will be just fine, don’t you worry about them. Oh yes, the Rothschild clan and the City of London, and all their inbred associates, including the Merican variety, are already sucking up to China and the east. They are pulling up stakes and moving to greener pastures, where they will continue to devastate and destroy like the swarm of locusts they are.

So don’t worry, Mr and Ms Merica, with these elite-swine headed east soon, it won’t be long until China and Russia resemble what the U.S. Corporation is now! It won’t be too long, with these creatures on the prowl, until China and Russia are waging war on the disenfranchised peoples throughout the world, including us folk here in Merica, just like your government has been doing for almost two-hundred years.

You see, Mr and Ms Merica, where the wealthy and powerful creatures go, so goes the corruption, destruction and hell! I feel sorry for Russians and Asians. They’re about to get a nasty taste of what these wealthy and powerful vermin are like!

Oh, and by the way, the author of the following article is a, get this, West Point graduate! How about that, sports fans!

“And they were singin’, Bye, Bye, Ms Merican Pie…”

News for the Revolution

By Joachim Hagopian
March 18, 2015
Global Research

chinadollarA major recent event last week largely went unnoticed by both MSM and independent news sources alike. The British are apparently jumping ship away from the US dollar/petrodollar in an overt effort to align itself more closely with the BRICS alliance as it seeks a new standard international currency. For several years Russia, China, Brazil, India and South Africa (BRICS) have been preparing the world for its transition from USD standard international currency to its own alternative-in-the-making. America’s so called mother country England has seen the writing on the wall and knows the global balance of power is rapidly tilting in favor of where the sun always rises in the emerging East. 

The European central banking cabal from the City of London, a separate and private political and financial entity apart from the rest of both London and England, sent British royalty…

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When Torturers Walk

Hide your faces in shame, Mr and Ms Merica:

“And, by all accounts, the ploy worked. In the befouled moral consciousness of post-911, a stout majority of Americans, 59 percent in a recent poll, support the CIA’s torture program. Many of those back the use of torture even though they know it is totally ineffective as a means of intelligence gathering. In other words, they crave blood, and virtually any Muslim’s blood will do, regardless of culpability.”

There is such a thing as a comeuppance, and yours might just be around the next bend, when your torturing government decides to torture you, your spouse and children next! Then what are you going to do, Mr and Ms Merica, ‘when they come for you’?

I’m disgusted and sickened!

News for the Revolution

Negative Culpability

By Jeffrey St. Clair
March 21, 2015
Counter Punch

Here’s what we learned from the release of the Senate’s report on the CIA’s use of torture: the Agency tortured some people, in the President’s flippant phrase. More than a few people it turns out, though we probably will never know exactly how many. The techniques of torture were brutal, even sadistic. Though, again, the most barbarous measures have been redacted from public disclosure. The CIA learned almost nothing of value from these heinous crimes. More strikingly, the Agency didn’t expect to pry out any fresh intelligence. Instead, what the torturers wanted most desperately was to extract false confessions, writhing accounts of fantastical ties between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda, linking Iraq to the 9/11 attacks, that could be used retroactively to justify a phony war. Thus does one crime feast on another.

But here’s the rub. We still…

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