A Torn And Bloodied Flag!

Salute this, Mr and Ms Merica! You who hold dear a worthless piece of cloth, while shrugging your shoulders at the atrocities, mayhem and genocide your flag truly stands for!

It’s a disgusting emblem of tyranny and greed that, hopefully, will someday soon disappear from the earth!



The eyes of men behold

A torn and bloodied flag

They lied unto themselves

That it was more than just a rag.


You satisfy its thirst for blood

Not theirs per say, but yours

And gladly will you die

In endless, senseless wars.


Unfurl that hated symbol

Of the oppressed and of the dead

Pledge allegiance to your slavery

Upon your blood, that flag is fed.


Salute the stars and stripes

But know what it is you do.

Those stars are bombs and drones

And the stripes are a slave’s tattoo.


Its tattered tales of glory

Are shredded by the truth

And as its seams are ripped apart

You feed to it, your youth.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Keep feeding a symbol that stands for stolen lands and lashed backs and for the spilled blood of all the other innocent human…

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Gates and Obama Share a Dark Secret

The following short quote is just a taste of what this article is all about:

“Before that Obama, or more precisely then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in 2011 ordered Libya to be bombed back to the stone-age as what she called “responsibility to protect.” Today, four years after, the country is anarchy pure with roving lawless bands killing and looting.

Now Obama and his Administration, the US Government, have teamed up with “Mr Vaccinate All Africans” Bill Gates, a eugenics protégé and intimate of David Rockefeller. Obama and Gates share a dark secret. They are colluding to contaminate the incredibly rich and productive soils of Africa with GMO, GMO from a company where Gates is a major stockholder, Monsanto.”

Black Mericans, in particular, should be incensed after reading this article. It is our responsibility, every Merican, to end this kind of tyrannical genocide, which is being perpetrated, by our ‘elected’ officials and corporate-pigs, on the African people!

Thanks again, to News for the Revolution!

News for the Revolution

By F. William Engdahl
March 24, 2015
New Eastern Outlook

bill-gates-officeIn 2014 there was the western Africa Ebola hoax where US President Barack Obama, the first black man to be President, announced his “War on Ebola” in September last year, ordering 3,000 US military troops to the region, though reportedly none had experience in public health and no one had produced rigorous laboratory proof of a single person dying from something called Ebola virus. Liberia was among the poorest and most war-torn regions in the world.

Wars over blood diamonds and colonial genocidal tribal wars have left a devastated, mal-nourished population in its wake. Was Ebola simply a panic-maker? Further investigation uncovered the Pentagon was developing an Ebola vaccine with Monsanto and suspicion was that the 3,000 US troops were sent to force the population to become human guinea pigs for the untested substances.

Before that Obama, or more…

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“We Are Not Civilized. We Are Domesticated. Big Difference.”

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Study: Global Medical Expansion Has “Made Us Sick”

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Google “Bill Clinton rape”

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