Modern American Apartheid, Insidious and Undeclared

Racism, Mr and Ms White Merica, is not only alive and well, it is rampant in your country:

“Residential segregation inevitably creates apartheid schools. Six decades after the U.S. Supreme Court determined that segregation in public schools was unconstitutional in the landmark ruling Brown vs. Board of Education, we are witnessing the precipitous re-segregation of America’s schools.”

News for the Revolution

By Garikai Chengu
March 22, 2015
Global Research

The infamous era of apartheid in South Africa shares a strikingly parallel path with racial apartheid in present day America. One is globally notorious, the other sophisticated and subtle. 

Economic historians increasingly agree that racial economic inequality in America is worse than it was at any period in ancient Rome, or in slaveholding, colonial America during the late 18th century, or at the height of apartheid in South Africa.

South Africa’s apartheid regime is remembered as one of the worst crimes against humanity of the 20th century.

Today, America is exhibiting many of the racial excesses of apartheid South Africa: extreme racial income inequality, apartheid schools, a racialised for-profit prison system, institutionally racist police practices, and residential re-segregation.

Residential apartheid is, without question, at the heart of the U.S. system of racial oppression. For almost a century, America has been racially divided…

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