The Perpetual Cycle of Society – Alan Watts

If you want a definition of true child abuse, then here it is:

Alan Watts talks about how our society conditions children to live with a constant frustration and worry about the future, and never learn how to live in the present.

The Perpetual Cycle of Society – Alan Watts – Zen Gardner.

This is the real curse, which is handed down from generation to generation. If there truly was a ‘fall of man’, then this is its most despotic and destructive outcome; stealing away the lives of individuals while they are still trusting children!

6 thoughts on “The Perpetual Cycle of Society – Alan Watts

  1. Allan Watts was quite the intellectual!

    “Candidate for humanity”, I like that. It’s also worth remembering that many members of the human race are not candidates for humanity. In fact the numbers of those who not candidates are rapidly increasing and as a result they are exploited or oppressed as their ruling elite sees fit.


  2. Yes, exactly! The ‘not fit for life’, the not “WELL BORN”, will never be ‘candidates for humanity’, according to the elite minority. Eugenics has worked well for these psychopaths.

    We have all, to one extent or another, been raised up in a system as if we were non-entities being funneled along on an assembly line of sorts, and when we have reached a certain point (a certain age) on the line, we are slid off either onto another belt to continue the process, or we land for good at our predetermined class designation. And there we stay, slaving away, fulfilling our programming we have been programmed with.

    But there are glitches in the system, like you, me and many, many others, and thus we are seen as a threat, especially if we can awake just a few others to our reality. The Matrix is alive, and somewhere, sometime, many of us were offered and swallowed the red capsule. “The road less traveled has made all the difference.”

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