Something’s Brewing: #19

This is one of many forthcoming posts that will hopefully help to awaken all of you to what is really happening in this piece of shit country and the rest of the world. These posts, for the most part, will be devoid of my opinions.

Military Helicopters Descend Over Central Texas for Mass Civil Unrest Drill

By Truthstream Media

We’ve seen at least four or five military helicopters (and heard more that we couldn’t see due to cloud cover) in the Round Rock/Hutto/Georgetown/Taylor Texas area today, including two giant chinooks flying in tandem low enough and loud enough to rattle windows. We’ve been told there’s a mass civil unrest drill going on here that involves 3,000+ soldiers…

Gee… What do you think the government knows that we don’t?

via Activist Post: Military Helicopters Descend Over Central Texas for Mass Civil Unrest Drill.

10 thoughts on “Something’s Brewing: #19

  1. I am just finishing the eugenics news item from your blog. And I am convinced all of this is the beginnings of the 4th Reich. All the same symptoms, the same signs, can be observed: the few controlling the many, endless wars on the weak and defenseless, and an ideology that is based on eugenics and world domination. It’s all here and thriving once again.

    If these creatures have their way, they will literally mass-murder almost seven billion people, in order to shape the NWO as they want it. I think I am beginning to understand how Gypsies, blacks, homosexuals, the feeble-minded and Jews felt in Nazi Germany.

    Those who will not remember will be forced to repeat history. Not an exact quote, but close enough!

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  2. Needless to say, but they are not the first humanity has had to deal with. My mother, when I bulked on doing something, would always say, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” I hated that sentence, when I was a kid, but the old ma was right!

    We the people need the will to find the way of putting an end to this! I wish I could do more. But this is what both of us can do right now. And I don’t believe what we are doing is a waste of time! We are spreading the word, the truth, when there are nothing but lies to be found almost everywhere else. And we are not alone.

    We just have to keep doing what we are led to do!

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  3. The quote you wrote in the last sentence of your comment is “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” This country’s rulers (elected terrorists) have ALWAYS failed to learn from history, so we have done nothing but go around and around in a never-ending circle, always repeating our history — you can tell b/c of all the stupid wars we are always inciting!
    And then there are the elites (who have engaged in far too much inbreeding), who see themselves as being too important to bother learning from history; so for them the quote would have to be: Pride cometh b4 a fall — Goddess let that fall be hard, and long, and 2moro! 🙂


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