The U.S. Main Stream Media: Government Controlled!

Your main-stream media 'news', Mr and Ms Merica, is fully controlled by your government! This means there is no "freedom of the press" in your country! Watch as a CNN talking-head, Anderson Cooper, squirms as he is confronted with the truth: Anderson Cooper Confronted On CIA's Control Of Media By Luke Rudkowski Reporter Luke Rudkowski … Continue reading The U.S. Main Stream Media: Government Controlled!

Who Really Controls the World? | News for the Revolution

For those following what has been happening in Baltimore over the past week, here is an article that exposes why all of this, and much, much more, is happening, and who is behind all of this evil being perpetrated on Black Mericans, as well as the rest of humanity around the world. The loathsome creatures … Continue reading Who Really Controls the World? | News for the Revolution

“The Vaccination Quiz Show”

(Dees Illustration) Here is a nice, little swipe at the multitudes of mindless sheep who still buy into everything they hear from the government stooges and media talking-heads, especially when it comes to vaccines: The Vaccination Quiz Show by Jon Rappoport April 22, 2015 OutsideTheRealityMachine Host: Hi, everybody, this is Fnerd McDaniel, and this … Continue reading “The Vaccination Quiz Show”

The Same Old Racial Hatred and Political Rhetoric, While the World Goes to Hell!

As I've shared before, I watch as little television as possible. But over the last few days in particular, I have checked in to see how the media talking-heads, at MSNBC, CNN and FOX 'NEWS', as well as the lying, conniving politicians, are dealing with what has been happening in Baltimore, Maryland. I wanted to … Continue reading The Same Old Racial Hatred and Political Rhetoric, While the World Goes to Hell!

The Horrors of Wall Street’s ‘New Libya’

Democracy may be dead, but capitalism is still wreaking havoc on the peoples of this world!

News for the Revolution

By Caleb Maupin
April 29, 2015
New Eastern Outlook

453453222The world, including the US press, is looking on in horror at recent events in Libya. Libya is now a center of human trafficking, with human beings packed into ships bound for Europe. Libyans are so desperate to escape their country, now wrecked with civil war and astounding levels of poverty, they are risking their lives. Ships filled with desperate human beings have crashed, and a number of corpses have washed up on Libya’s beaches.

Furthermore, the Islamic State organization, which has been terrorizing and murdering people in Iraq and Syria, is moving into action on the African continent. Libyan Christians are being executed by ISIS fighters.

400,000 people in Libya are declared by Human Rights Watch to be “internally displaced.” In 2014 alone, over 250 journalists, religious and political leaders, and judges have been assassinated.

Is there any rational…

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Here is another masterful, as well as amusing, article from my hero, Tubularsock!

Tubularsock in 2016!


Tube cafe heading


Tubularsock was hacking into the NSA cafeteria menu today and causing dietary heartburn. It was a small cyber hack but just enough not to be noticed.

Tubularsock has an entire sector in his underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA that deals with hack, hack, hacking!

Now, Tubularsock has even developed how to pass the blame off onto the Russians or the Chinese or even the North Koreans. Really it’s easy.

Now, it’s best not to take credit for a hack because the U.S. has a new law that allows the U.S. military to bomb you if you are found to have disrupted our precious motherland, ahh, fatherland or is that homeland? Tubularsock just can’t keep those Nazi word speak statements straight.

Anyway Obama signed an executive order to protect us from the evil that is sneaking into every computer on every lap in every cafe…

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