CNBC: Public Health Officials Know: Recently Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease!

Well finally, some truth from the main stream media! The cat is out of the bag! As we’ve known all along, disease outbreaks are caused by vaccination drives, and here it is finally admitted in the MSM. Please pass this on to especially those with families. Mainstream News Admits Vaccines Make People Contagious - Zen … Continue reading CNBC: Public Health Officials Know: Recently Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease!

Howling in Donetsk

Here is, once again, the disgusting, slimy, rancid fruit of your beloved democracy and capitalism, Mr and Ms Merica! You and your government are bringing down TERROR and destruction on the people of this world, while you lounge in your self-actualized, dumbed-down state of complacent and compliant bliss. You, Mr and Ms Merica, and your government, are the real TERRORISTS in this world!

A large portion of this world is going through absolute hell because of you and your government, and you could care less. But history reveals, over and over again, that whatever power beyond man there is, gets its fill of this kind of maniacal shit, and then all hell breaks loose on the perpetrators of these kinds of crimes against humanity and the creation!

And your time is coming, Mr and Ms Merica! Your time is coming to an end! And when it happens, the earth and universe will rejoice!

Read this, and then you will know why I am this incensed, why I hate being referred to as an Merican!

News for the Revolution

Anger and Unbounded Contempt

By Peppe Escobar
April 1, 2015
Counter Punch

Ruins: A heavily damaged hotel stands in ruins near to Donetsk airport

I’ve just been to the struggling Donetsk People’s Republic. Now I’m back in the splendid arrogance and insolence of NATOstan.

Quite a few people – in Donbass, in Moscow, and now in Europe – have asked me what struck me most about this visit.

I could start by paraphrasing Allen Ginsberg in Howl – “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness.”

But these were the Cold War mid-1950s. Now we’re in early 21st century Cold War 2.0.

Thus what I saw were the ghastly side effects of the worst minds of my – and a subsequent – generation corroded by (war) madness.

I saw refugees on the Russian side of the border, mostly your average middle-class European family whose kids, when they…

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The Covert Eugenics Agenda: Depopulation & ‘The New World Order’!

The following article is one of many exposing the rise of a Fourth Reich, which if allowed to come to power, will be an almost exact duplicate of the Zionist-created Third Reich, only more powerful, despotic and genocidal: this new Reich is fueled and driven by the same insane brand of Anglo Zionist/American/European disdain and … Continue reading The Covert Eugenics Agenda: Depopulation & ‘The New World Order’!

Down the memory hole: health care workers refused vaccine

Here is another article revealing that a large percentage of medical professionals question the overall effectiveness and safety of vaccines, especially when it comes to themselves and their family members being vaccinated: Down the memory hole: health workers refused vaccine by Jon Rappoport March 26, 2015 “A basic function of the news is forgetting. … Continue reading Down the memory hole: health care workers refused vaccine