The Covert Eugenics Agenda: Depopulation & ‘The New World Order’!

And who decides what happens to these so-called ‘burdens’ on society?

The following article is one of many exposing the rise of a Fourth Reich, which if allowed to come to power, will be an almost exact duplicate of the Zionist-created Third Reich, only more powerful, despotic and genocidal: this new Reich is fueled and driven by the same insane brand of Anglo Zionist/American/European disdain and hatred for particular ethnicities and individual human beings, but with an entirely new and more subtle approach to a ‘Final Solution’, and it is also fueled and driven by the same brand of power-elite political warmongering and world-dominating megalomania. And the name chosen for this new Fourth Reich is ‘The New World Order’: the desired goal of The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Agenda 21, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group, etc.

The following article reveals an almost complete resurrection of the Aryan/Nordic, racist and bigoted ideal of what human beings should be and what they should not be, in order to decide who should procreate and who should not procreate, who should remain alive and who should not remain alive. And all of this is relentlessly touted as being for ‘THE GREATER GOOD’, which when translated, amounts to this: for ‘the greater good’ of the elite, insane few, and to hell with the rest of us who are classified as ‘not fit for life’. ‘The rest of us’, of course, meaning you, me and anyone else who, in the elite, distorted mind, is a ‘burden to society’, and so in need of being exterminated.

Read and be greatly disturbed, Mr and Ms Merica, because this new Reich doesn’t exist in Germany, this new Reich lives, breathes and is destroying lives right in your own so-called ‘land of the free’:

The Covert Eugenics Agenda: Melodie Scott and Dr. Wouter Basson

By Janet Phelan

March 30, 2015

New Eastern Outlook

It is a generally accepted axiom that one of the primary purposes of government is to protect its citizenry. The protection may manifest in one of two ways—as security against foreign foes or as a system to apprehend and punish members of the citizenry from transgressing against other citizens. This is generally called a “system of justice.”

In a democratic or republican form of government, it is assumed that the rules governing the conduct of citizens are equally applied. In other words, justice is no respecter of persons or status.

So when governments begin to protect certain citizens from culpability for crimes committed against other citizens, the natural question would be—What is going on? Or—Have the rules changed and no one told us?

The Rules Are Changing

Back in the 1990’s, when Dr. Jack Kevorkian challenged the age- old maxim for physicians–”First, do no harm”– and began assisting in the suicides of multiple individuals, the reaction of the legal system was clear and definite. After allegedly being involved in over 130 medically- assisted suicides and experiencing numerous arrests, Jack Kevorkian was found guilty in 1998 of second degree murder in the death of Thomas Youk, who suffered from “Lou Gehrig’s” disease. Kevorkian was sentenced to 25 years in prison. He was released in 2007 after he promised to never assist in another death.

Fast forward to 2015 and we find that physician- assisted suicide is no longer considered much of a crime. In fact, nations are passing physician- assisted suicide laws in droves, even in the face of the abuses of this process being reported in the vanguard nations, such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.

Those in the forefront of the “Right to Die” movement are ignoring the pivotal fact that, under the euthanasia and assisted suicide laws, people are in fact being put to death who have not requested nor consented to this. Disability rights groups see clearly the progress of the slippery scope, as now in the state of Washington the issue is being bandied about of extending physician- assisted suicide beyond the terminally ill and to those who are simply poverty stricken. Equally of concern is that under the laws regulating incapacity, specifically those cases wherein a guardian has been appointed by a court, the alleged incapacitated person may have no voice in his termination, which can be ordered by the guardian without consulting the ward.

This brings us to a woman named Melodie Z. Scott. Scott is what is called a “professional conservator” (guardian) for the elderly and disabled. Guardians are generally appointed through court proceedings when there are allegations that an individual is lacking the capacity to make his own decisions. Upon such appointment by a court, the guardian will act in the stead of the alleged incapacitated person, making his financial decisions, selling his property, making his medical decisions and also decisions concerning his social life—whether or not he can marry, whether or not he can even have contact with family and friends. Melodie Scott is licensed by the state of California to perform these services.

And Scott has repeatedly used her position to terminate the lives of her clients and to steal their money, with a level of protection by the police, district attorneys and attorney general that could be compared to the highest level of “diplomatic immunity.” It should be noted that Scott is performing her “angel of death” services in a state which has not passed physician- assisted suicide laws.

Scott is not alone in her position as a state- sponsored executioner. Reports are now coming in from Florida, Colorado, Illinois, Texas, Ohio and elsewhere of similar abusers who have achieved a remarkable level of protection for what are generally considered to be crimes against the vulnerable.

The US media is largely keeping mum about these abuses. Every now and then, a local paper will carry a story on some problems associated with guardians, generally ascribing the failure of the system to protect the victims as a result of “overworked” judges and district attorneys.

People as Capital

In fact, the legal system is working overtime to protect these miscreants. Joey Quattrochi, outraged at the abuses inflicted upon his father, WWII veteran and ward of Melodie Scott, hired a lawyer and filed a federal law suit against Scott. His lawyer, Jim Reiss, was subsequently disbarred and Quattrochi was unable to find another lawyer willing to take the suit on. His suit was subsequently dismissed. When Illinois attorney Ken Ditkowsky became aware of the abuses taking place in the guardianship of Mary Sykes, he began a campaign of contacting law enforcement. Ditkowsky was then summarily suspended from the practice of law by the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, which also suspended attorney L’anre Amu for the act of filing complaints against judges and stating that the courts are corrupt.

Arizona attorney Grant Goodman went even further and devised a template for RICO lawsuits against miscreant guardians. Goodman was subsequently suspended from the practice of law in Arizona.

According to Dr. Sam Sugar, a retired physician who has launched a group called Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianships, somewhere in the range of six billion dollars are being processed through Florida guardianship proceedings each year. Money is definitely in the mix, but does not explain the rising death toll of individuals who are being sent to their early graves through the acts of their guardians.

“Don’t Lie to the State!”

An action was launched in 2008 by the California Professional Fiduciaries Bureau (PFB) to deny Melodie Scott’s professional fiduciary license. The origin of the action against Scott was not due to her involvement in the deaths of Lawrence Yetzer, Stevie Price, Elizabeth Fairbanks, Frank Bellue, De’Wayne Cory, Charlie Castle, Doris Baker or others whom had been under Scott’s care.

Indeed, the PFB had in its files numerous complaints alleging criminal acts by conservator Scott. The PFB chose to ignore all the complaints and instead focused on the fact that she lied on her application for a professional fiduciary license.

After proceedings which generated concerns that the Deputy Attorney General representing the PFB in the matter, Jonathan Cooper, was working to secure Scott’s license for her, she was ultimately granted her license on a technicality in 2010.

In April, Melodie Scott again faces administrative proceedings launched once more by the PFB, which has charged her again with lying on her mandated yearly filings with that body. The PFB is refusing to supply any information to the press as to how many consumer complaints they currently have on file concerning Scott. Similarly, the DAG representing the PFB in this matter, Rita Lane, has declined to release numbers of complaints on file with the DOJ.

Parenthetically, the California Attorney General’s office has a history of refusing to investigate complaints about criminal misconduct by guardians. AG Kamala Harris’s office has stated to this reporter that they don’t “do” such cases. When asked for the legal authority (written law) which exempts the California Attorney General from prosecuting crimes committed under the mantle of guardianship, Harris’s office has steadfastly refused to respond.

Police Killing Blacks and Mentally Ill

On a separate but related front, concerns are ramping up in the US concerning the seeming immunity now enjoyed by police for killing people. These concerns were again inflamed by the recent outcry concerning the police killings in Ferguson, in New York, and also the latest killing of an unarmed and naked black man, Anthony Hill, in a suburb of Atlanta. A review of the statistics of police killings confirms that the police are largely killing blacks and the mentally ill.

And getting away with it, as district attorneys repeatedly fail to consider these acts to be murders, instead referring to them as “justified” following an internal and opaque review process.

Back in 2003, an incident was reported in local Los Angeles newspapers that should have strained the credibility of any thinking reader. According to the papers, a man shot a police officer at a routine traffic stop, then took off running on foot. He was shortly apprehended by other officers, who reportedly “forgot” to take the alleged cop-shooter’s gun away from him. The suspect was taken to the police station, still armed but handcuffed, then taken into questioning, where the sole officer present removed his handcuffs. The individual then—reportedly—took out his gun and shot himself.

Do you believe that?

The district attorney in the matter stated that no investigation was necessary. Case closed.

A legal system wherein police are judges, jury and executioners is not redolent of a democratic society. Rather, it is indicative of the very worst of repressive dictatorships, wherein racial groups, the vulnerable and enemies of the state can be summarily executed without due process. The racial nexus harks uncomfortably back to what happened in Germany in the thirties and forties… (emphasis added)

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via The Covert Eugenics Agenda: Melodie Scott and Dr. Wouter Basson | News for the Revolution.

For eight years, now, I’ve sensed this despotic, genocidal monster coming back to life, not that it ever completely died. I have read text after text and written post after post, and all I ever got as feedback was infantile insults from the trolls who worship at the alter of the Darwinian god, natural-selection. Well now I have no need to write and warn anyone any longer, because the beast is about to be fully resurrected once again, and it has already begun its new reign of terror on the disenfranchised weak; those who are least likely to be able to defend themselves against this Darwinian/eugenics-driven, elitist-powered nightmare.

For all who still ignorantly and stubbornly worship the Darwinian/eugenics god, when the evidence is so solidly to the contrary, this destructive end to most of humanity will be your doing as well. The blood of billions will be on your hands, because you held to the very religious doctrines (evolution/eugenics) that Hitler and the psychotic creatures, now, have used to justify their wars on the disenfranchised weak, their mass-genocide of the ‘not fit for life’ peoples of this world.

Didn’t it ever occur to you, with your self-proclaimed brilliance, what bullshit notions like ‘natural-selection’, ‘survival of the fittest’ and eugenics would mean for humanity, when it fell into the hands of the elite-psychopaths who have always controlled the wealth and power in this world? Didn’t it ever occur to you that these powerful psychopaths might just grab hold of this bad science, and then find despotic and horrific uses for it? Are you not familiar with Hitler, his psychotic ‘physicians’, and how the members of The American Eugenics Society had come to their aid, before and during world war two? Are you not familiar with the fact that the Rockefellers, the Fords and the Carnegies, as well as many others of the ‘superior class’, had financially backed Hitler and his regime? And did you not know that these American psychopaths were also card-carrying members of The American Eugenics Society?

These wealthy and powerful psychopaths, because of your religious prophets of doom, Darwin, Galton and Spencer, had come to the insane and monstrous conclusion that they were superior to all other human beings, and simply on the basis of their heredity/breeding, wealth, power and skin color. And their insane, evil conclusion has never died. In fact, it is more alive and well, today, than it was in the 1930s and ’40s!

Like those who were compliant with the Nazi regime of terror, you will be held accountable as well, since you supported this ideology, this religion, which will be used to condone the mass-extermination of billions of human beings. Compliance with this ultimate evil will make you as guilty as those who actually carry out the atrocities! Count on it!

But if you’re lucky, and all the rest of us are mass-murdered, while you survive, maybe these elite psychopaths will allow you to exist for a while longer, as their slaves. That is, of course, until they have created the new servant race of androids, and then you will be ruthlessly exterminated as well!


Here is a short documentary on Edwin Black’s War Against the Weak:


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  1. This whole subject is profoundly disturbing, but it doesn’t surprise me. These people are psychopaths with no respect for life whatsoever. I’m looking forward to reading that book by Edwin Black. I noticed there’s also a documentary based on the book. I’ll have to see if I can find that


  2. I added it to the post! The book goes into all of this in depth. It was a hard read, because of the amount of info to take in. And just wait until you start reading all of the names associated with this monstrous evil.

    People do not understand that eugenics is tied to everything happening at this moment. It is this insane notion that man can decide who is and who is not fit to procreate or live that is driving Agenda 21 and the New World Order.

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