Why ”Sustainable” Earth, But Not Sustainable Human Health and Freedom?

Here is one for all of you who love 'mother earth' more than the rest of humanity, or even your own life and individual freedom. Take the following article to heart and mind, you Al Gore worshiping tree-huggers, if you have a functioning heart and mind left? Why ''Sustainable'' Earth, But Not Sustainable Human Health … Continue reading Why ”Sustainable” Earth, But Not Sustainable Human Health and Freedom?

US layoffs mount amid signs of economic slowdown

If you think the economy for the common people is improving, then you need to stop listening to the msm talking heads and Obomber!

Here is the real ‘economic recovery’, Mr and Ms Merica!

News for the Revolution

By Andre Damon
March 28, 2015
World Socialist Web Site

US corporations announced thousands of layoffs this week amid a series of plant closures, mergers and consolidations and signs of declining economic growth.

On Wednesday, US Steel announced 2,080 layoffs at its Granite City Works in Illinois. The Pittsburgh-based steelmaker plans to lay off over 4,500 employees nationwide, including over 1,800 workers in Alabama. Job cuts are also planned in Minnesota and Texas.

The same day, steelmaker Worthington Industries of Columbus, Ohio announced plans to lay off 555 employees nationwide. Of these, 310 are to lose their jobs as a result of the closure of a plant in Florence, South Carolina.

On Thursday, Ohio-based Republic Steel announced 200 layoffs at its Lorain, Ohio plant.

The steel companies said the layoffs were a response to a fall in demand stemming from the drop in oil prices and appreciation of the dollar…

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ISIS : The Useful Enemy, Its Origins & More

If you want the truth about ISIS, and how your government is its creator and benefactor, then read the entirety of this article!

Thanks to Concerned American Dad!

Concerned American Dad

The Origins of ISIS

Ron Paul Institute Director Daniel McAdams appears on Ben Swann’s excellent documentary on the real origins of ISIS, everybody’s favorite enemy. Don’t miss the cameos by Barack Obama, John McCain, and Antiwar.Com’s Angela Keaton. How many billions of dollars did the US Intelligence Community spend and somehow they totally missed the rise of ISIS, asked McAdams.

ISIS: the Useful Enemy

by ISMAEL HOSSEIN-ZADEH Professor Emeritus of Economics (Drake University)

The dark force of ISIS is apparently an invincible and unstoppable war juggernaut that is mercilessly killing and conquering in pursuit of establishing an Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. In reality, however, it is not as out of control as it appears. It is, indeed, carefully controlled and managed by its creators and supporters, that is, by the United States and its allies in the regions—those who now pretend to have established a coalition to…

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Behold, The Face Of Evil!

“You can’t handle the truth!” And here it is!



They picked him very carefully as all the world can see.
He’s easy on the eye and with a great personality.

Those who went before him set the stage for what would come.
He’s like a phantom in the night; we ask, “Where is he really from?”

Oh how little did we know, he’d bring destruction in his wake.
No Robin Hood he is, from the rich he does not take.

He’s a banker’s friend; a corporate tool who’s sent us spiraling down.
He hails from a gangster’s paradise in a city called, “chi-town.”

He’s led us straight to hell and he’s smiled the journey long.
We crashed upon the rocks as though he’d sung the siren’s song.

What’s left is barren land and the poor are all but dead.
Those who could not lose, put a bullet through their head.

The serfs are drudging painfully as they keep the…

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Agorism: “Creating Solutions Outside the State”

It is time to realize that this system/order is a dead-end for all of humanity, when it comes to life and living! We need to move on and look for a better way to live, as truly free individuals (anarchists). And the following video, in my estimation, is a great place to start: What is … Continue reading Agorism: “Creating Solutions Outside the State”