The End of American Imperialism: What Imperialist Empire is Next?

“What goes around comes around.” And what has been going around for the last two centuries, because of the terrorist-tactics of the Merican government/economic-system, is now coming back around to roost with a vengeance, a well deserved comeuppance. Yes indeed, the time has finally come for the Merican empire to ‘pay the piper’, and this particular piper has upped the interest rate and won’t be accepting any bad checks!

Empires come and empires go, it has been the way of the world since the beginning. And the Merican empire will be the shortest lived, and yet, most perverse and destructive, empire ever to exist. The Merican empire, the way things stand now, will never make it to two-hundred and fifty years, while the major empires lasted four or more times as long. And yet the Merican empire has managed to do more harm in the world, in its short lived existence, than any other empire that ever existed.

Don’t worry, Mr and Ms Merica, I’m just another ‘conspiracy theorist’, right? Well just keep desperately holding on to your complacent and compliant denial, as you read the following article:

A decisive turning point in the crisis of American imperialism

By Nick Beams

April 1, 2015

World Socialist Web Site

Yesterday was the deadline for countries to sign up as founding members of the China-backed Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). It will go down in history as marking a significant defeat for the global foreign policy and strategic objectives of United States imperialism.

Against strenuous opposition from Washington, more than 40 countries have now indicated they want to be part of the AIIB. Major European powers including Britain, France and Germany, as well as Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands, are on board. Almost all countries in the South East Asian region, which count China as their major trading partner, have also signed up. India is also a signatory, together with Taiwan.

The most significant blow against the US was struck by Britain, its chief European ally, which announced its decision to join on March 12. It opened the floodgates for others to follow, including two key US allies in the Asia-Pacific—Australia and South Korea. Japan is also reported to be considering joining, possibly as early as June.

The full significance of the US defeat and its far-reaching implications emerge most clearly when viewed from a historical perspective.

One of the chief objections of the Obama administration to the new bank was that it would undermine the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. Together with the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944, they constituted central pillars of the global economic order established after World War II by the United States, which played the central role in rebuilding world capitalism following the devastation of the 1920s and 1930s and the wars and revolutionary struggles it produced.

Of course, both of these institutions, together with the Marshall Plan for the restabilisation of war-torn Europe, operated to the economic and strategic benefit of American imperialism.

But while America drew enormous gains from the post-war order, it was not narrowly conceived. There was a recognition in ruling political and economic circles that if American capitalism was to survive, it would have to use the enormous resources at its disposal to ensure the growth and expansion of other capitalist powers, above all, those against which it had fought a bitter and bloody conflict.

Post-war reconstruction enabled the expansion of Germany and turned it once again into the industrial powerhouse of Europe. At the same time, concessions to Japan on the value of its currency—it was pegged at 360 yen to the dollar—opened up export markets for its industry. The decision to build trucks and other military equipment in Japan during the Korean War laid the foundations for the development of Japan’s auto industry, as it incorporated, and then developed, the advanced production techniques that had been established in the US.

The industrial and economic capacity of the United States, even when it took reactionary forms as in the case of the Korean War, was utilised to facilitate a new phase of global capitalist expansion—the post-war boom.

What a contrast to the present situation! American capitalism is no longer the industrial powerhouse of the world, ensuring the expansion of the capitalist economy as a whole. Rather, it functions as the global parasite-in-chief, as its rapacious banks, investment houses and hedge funds scour the world for profitable opportunities, engaged not in the production of new wealth, but in the appropriation of wealth produced elsewhere, often via criminal or semi-criminal operations.

In the immediate post-war period, the US was the champion of free trade, recognising that the restrictions and beggar-thy-neighbour policies of the 1930s had produced a disaster. Today, through measures such as the Trans Pacific Partnership and similar arrangements being prepared with regard to Europe, Washington seeks to forge exclusivist agreements aimed at protecting the monopoly position of US corporations. America, Obama has stated, must write the global rules for trade and investment in the 21st century.

American influence in the post-war period was not confined to the immediate economic sphere. Notwithstanding all its contradictory features, American society appeared to have something to offer the world as a whole, which had suffered decades of war, fascism and military forms of rule, along with economic devastation.

Again, the contrast with the present situation could not be starker. American democracy, once held up as a beacon for the rest of the world, is a withered caricature of its former self, no longer capable of concealing the dictatorship of the financial and corporate elites.

Social conditions are characterised by deprivation and state violence, reflected not least in the daily police killings. America has the highest rate of incarceration in the world, and in Detroit, once the centre of the American industrial economy, paying the highest wages, water shutoffs are being imposed. The US government carries out torture, abductions, assassinations and mass spying on its own people and others around the world. The country is ruled by criminals who cannot be held accountable for their crimes.

In the wake of the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the removal from the scene of its global rival, the American ruling class was gripped by the idea that while its economic position had been severely weakened—the stock market crash of 1987 was a harbinger of things to come—American hegemony could nevertheless be maintained by military means.

But as Frederick Engels had earlier explained in refuting another exponent of “force theory,” the notion that economic developments—the advance of industry, credit and trade—and the contradictions to which they gave rise could be “blown out of existence” with “Krupp guns and Mauser rifles” was a delusion.

The past 25 years of American foreign policy, based on the use of cruise missiles and drones, combined with invasions and regime-change operations grounded on lies, have produced one debacle after another.

Now the chickens are coming home to roost, as other capitalist powers, great and small, begin to conclude that hitching themselves to the American juggernaut is the surest road to disaster. That is the historic significance of their decision to join the AIIB.

How will American imperialism respond? By increasing its military provocations, threatening to plunge the world once again into war.

Charting the rise of American imperialism in the late 1920s, Leon Trotsky noted that in the period of crisis, its hegemony would operate “more openly and more ruthlessly than in the period of boom,” and that it would attempt to extricate itself from its difficulties and maladies at the expense of its rivals, if necessary by means of war.

However there is another, and, in the final analysis, decisive, aspect to the economic decline of American imperialism, marked so powerfully by the events of yesterday.

For decades, the American working class was disoriented by the idea of a continually rising power—that America’s “best days” were always ahead. Reality is now coming home with ever-increasing force.

Events are shattering the delusions of the past and will propel the American working class on to the road of revolutionary struggle, creating the conditions for the unification of the international working class in the fight for world socialist revolution. (empahsis added)

via A decisive turning point in the crisis of American imperialism | News for the Revolution.

“And all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again!”

“Babylon the Great has fallen…”

“Oh, the humanity!”

“Easy come, easy go!”

“Don’t cry over spilled milk!”

“Who’s next?”

Do I sound cynical and cavalier, Mr and Ms Merica? You have no idea, “let me count the ways!” I am about to get my ass kicked just like you. But unlike you, Mr and Ms Merica, it is worth getting my ass kicked to see this piece of shit government/economic-system disintegrate and die!

Aren’t you proud, Mr and Ms Merica? Your beloved democratic and capitalist empire is on its way out, and after just a brief existence. And yet your empire has done more to harm the peoples of this world and bring the planet to the brink than any empire that has ever existed. I mean, knowing all of you the way I do, this should be of more than some satisfaction and comfort, as the life you and your ancestors have known begins to disappear all around you.

I mean, you’ll still go down waving your flags, shouting, “USA NUMBER 1, USA NUMBER 1,” just like Duke Wayne, won’t you, Mr and Ms Merica? You’re not going to act like all those other peasants, throughout the ages, who had enjoyed the benefits of living in an evil empire, and then started rebelling as their economies collapsed, and they couldn’t feed, clothe and house themselves and their families anymore? So what, if invading armies come to take control of what is left of Merica, and imprison all of you, you’ll still stand strong and salute the burning flags, won’t you, Mr and Ms Merica? You’ll still be willing to fight and die for the good old US of A, and that ‘grand not-so-old flag’, won’t you, Mr and Ms Merica?

Too many human beings around the world have suffered and died, so you and I could benefit from this despotic, genocidal system, and now it is our turn to suffer, and rightly so! Our ancestors had sat ignorantly and idly by as this newest version of the same old ancient-system, the same old ancient-shit, had been resurrected, once again. And we, today, have also been sitting ignorantly and idly by, as this ancient-system has grown even more enormous and evil. You see, we Mericans are a very selfish and closed-off people, it’s our European [NATO] heritage rearing its ugly head. And now the universe, or whatever or whomever, is about to kick our self-actualized, self-loving asses hard, and we deserve it!

Face it, Mr and Ms Merica, the iceberg of comeuppance could not be avoided this time, and your ‘exceptional’ ship that god couldn’t sink is going down quickly by the bow. And the elite-swine captains of your ship have already taken the last lifeboats and jackets, and, as I write, they are rowing towards greener pastures in the East; where, within a few decades, they will turn the AIIB and BRICS into the same despotic monster they turned capitalism into.

So if the people of this world believe they have saved the world by bringing down the Merican system of government and economics, then they are as ignorant, stupid and deluded as you and your ancestors have been, Mr and Ms Merica. And someday soon, if the rest of the world’s peoples also refuse to awaken, they will find themselves in the very same predicament as you, now, Mr and Ms Merica. Because the elite creatures who have owned and operated you and yours, Mr and Ms Merica, will, in a short period of time, own and operate them in the same manner.

We the people of this world, all of us, not just Mericans, keep treating a very malignant tumor with a cheap antiseptic and bandage. This elite owned and operated worldwide monetary-system is the malignant tumor, and just moving it to the other side of the world, and calling it by another name, does not change what it is and always has been: a wealth and power driven monster, owned and operated by an insane and malicious elite-few, who will, if left to their own sick devices, ultimately destroy the people of this world and the entire planet.

Therefore, it isn’t only you who need to be awakened, Mr and Ms Merica, it is all the asleep and willfully ignorant people in this world.

I can see these elite creatures right now, licking their slobbering chops as they plan the destruction of the East, which is just another area of the world standing in the way of their worldwide domination. If nothing is done by the people of this world to stop these fiends, they will continue on until the world belongs to them.


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