American Cops Just Killed More People in March than the UK Did in the Entire 20th Century

Here, Mr and Ms Merica, is your Police-state storm-troopers doing what comes naturally to a one year of college and four years of military psychopath, with a badge and weapon! The high school Harrys are running rough-shot on the Merican people. And meanwhile, Mr and Ms Merica continue to watch police-state promoting bullshit like NCIS … Continue reading American Cops Just Killed More People in March than the UK Did in the Entire 20th Century

Polio or Something More Sinister?

What you are about to read should be a real wake up call. But if it isn’t, and you just file this under the conspiracy label, then I would have to question not only your intelligence but your humanity as well.

This is a clear sign that the powers that be are waging war on humanity, in order to establish a eugenics driven world, where only the insane, inbred, wealthy and powerful few will be allowed to exist.

This is more than disgusting, it is the worst kind of criminal, genocidal behavior!

News for the Revolution

By F. William Engdahl
April 6, 2015
New Eastern Outlook

342432111Polio is something I have more than a passing acquaintance with. Two days before my fifth birthday a medical doctor in Minneapolis diagnosed me with polio. I only learned decades later that it was not polio, poliomyelitis or infantile paralysis as it was also called. It was shortly after World War II. Then a few years later we were presented Jonas Salk and the polio vaccine, and the world believed that because of that vaccine and the Sabin variant, polio had been stamped out. The reality was that polio was not and is not a “virus,” nor did the vaccines of Salk or Sabin eradicate.

The symptoms that were given the name “polio” had dramatically declined several years before the first vaccine and Salk claimed the credit for his vaccine which was released in 1955. The symptoms that got the…

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Can Evil Be Defeated?

The following quote is just a taste of the truth that can be found in this article. The police state is here, Mr and Ms Merica, whether you are aware or not.

“Whitehead gives it to us straight. We are continually abused in the name of protecting us. Just ordinary Americans are subject to far worst abuse from government than they ever could be from criminals and terrorists, both of which are bogymen used to justify the government’s terrorism of the citizenry.”

News for the Revolution

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
Global Research, April 3, 2015
Strategic Culture Foundation, April 3, 2015

5a57a-obama-the-warmongerJohn W. Whitehead is a constitutional attorney. As head of the Rutherford Institute he is actively involved in defending our civil liberties. Being actively involved in legal cases, he experiences first hand the transformation of law from a shield of the American people into a weapon in the hands of the government.

American civil liberty was seriously eroded prior to 9/11 and the rise of the police / warfare state, a story I tell in How America Was Lost. Lawrence Stratton and I documented the loss of law as a shield of the American people in our book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions (2000, 2008). Whitehead in his book, A Government of Wolves (2013) and in his just released Battlefield America (2015) shows how quickly and thoroughly the police state has taken…

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Mom Contracts Polio From Her Vaccinated Infant!

Here is even more proof that vaccines are not only ineffective but dangerous: Mom Contracts Polio From Her Vaccinated Infant By Experimental Vaccines "Vaccine Shed" is a condition where live viruses contained in some vaccines can actually cause infection. In this video, Kenny Valenzuela covers one particular case where the vaccine makers tried to put … Continue reading Mom Contracts Polio From Her Vaccinated Infant!

Militarism Abroad and Police Violence at Home | News for the Revolution

It would appear, from everything happening, that your government has not only declared war on the entire world but you as well, Mr and Ms Merica. Yes, it seems that you and I have been declared 'possible terrorists' and thus 'enemies of the state'. Evidently, the elite-swine owners and operators of your government have suddenly … Continue reading Militarism Abroad and Police Violence at Home | News for the Revolution

The ‘News’ vs ‘Sub-News’: How the Game Works

The following is another article revealing we cannot trust the main stream media, especially when it comes to our health: News vs. sub-news: how the game works For example, in faking medical reality Let’s start there… by Jon Rappoport March 30, 2015 News is defined, within the media industry, as stories being reported as … Continue reading The ‘News’ vs ‘Sub-News’: How the Game Works