Mom Contracts Polio From Her Vaccinated Infant!

Here is even more proof that vaccines are not only ineffective but dangerous:

Mom Contracts Polio From Her Vaccinated Infant

By Experimental Vaccines

“Vaccine Shed” is a condition where live viruses contained in some vaccines can actually cause infection. In this video, Kenny Valenzuela covers one particular case where the vaccine makers tried to put the blame on the mother for having a weak immune system. Polio vaccine, in particular, already has a sordid history that has gotten even worse with the involvement of the Bill and Melinda Bates Gates Foundation.

Woman Contracts Polio Virus ‘From Vaccinated Infant’
Mandatory Polio Vaccination Required for International Travelers

Bill Gates Oral Polio Vaccine Cripples 47,500 Children
Vaccine Inserts Say Recipients are Contagious for 28 Days
The Vaccinated are Infected Carriers
. (emphasis added)

via Activist Post: Mom Contracts Polio From Her Vaccinated Infant.

As this video points out, this case happened in 1977. So why wasn’t the public informed? Guess?

5 thoughts on “Mom Contracts Polio From Her Vaccinated Infant!

  1. I posted an article today about the Gates Foundation and the Polio vaccine. My one hope is that these people are exposed and held accountable. But considering all of this information is abundantly available and the media makes no attempt to report or investigate, I’m not sure how much hope there is for that.


  2. The only hope is that people start looking to alternate sources for their news and information. Otherwise, there is no hope, not with the msm under the control of the elite powers, especially here.

    I have to admit that I am about as depressed and pessimistic as I have been for a long time. Sometimes I feel like I’m trying to plug the leak in the Titanic with gum and adhesive tape, as I’m sure you can relate.

    But if we start giving up, and those we read and post do as well, then who will be left to try to get the truth out?

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  3. Exactly. I have no idea of how old you are, but there’s an old Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young tune called, Carry On. And part of the bridge lyric is, “Rejoice! Rejoice! We have no choice but to carry on.”

    I think it’s more than apropos here! This has been one of my mantras for the last almost forty years.

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