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I and my peers were indoctrinated/brainwashed, from an early age, to believe the U.S. Corporation was the only ‘sane, god fearing nation’ in the world, while all other nations/countries were either weak and incompetent, or evil and insane.

But by the time I was out of high school (1967), I had witnessed the threat of nuclear annihilation (Cuban Missile crisis: 1962), civil-rights protests, three assassinations of leading political figures (JFK, MLK, Jr and RFK) and civil disobedience and unrest, which had been driven by the almost endless wars this government was always creating, including the so-called ‘cold war’ with Russia. In my mid to late teens, I had been given the unwanted privilege of witnessing the Vietnam war, as it was happening, on the evening news. During these years, I had suffered through the death of friends, who had died ‘fighting for democracy’ in Vietnam. And I had seen other friends, who had managed to survive, come home destroyed, mentally, physically, emotionally and addicted to drugs, some legal and some illegal.

And as I look back now, all of this U.S. government-created hell would, for the most part, continue to be my experience over the next half century, with everything only becoming worse as I grew older. Being born an Merican, as I look back now, has simply been a curse. But the only reason I am aware of this truth, now, is because at some point in time, I had decided to cast off ‘the Merican nightmare’ and awaken to the reality of my situation, as well as the reality of those around me and the rest of the world.

And what I witness happening now, makes all that had previously occurred seem like a stroll in the park. Instead of this government and world progressing, in a loving, caring and unified way, over the last fifty years, this government and world have continued in the same old patterns of war and depravity I had experienced since childhood, only even more so.

The following article only serves to reinforce this sad reality and truth:

Sexual Violence is a Trademark of Imperialism

New Report Out of Colombia Reveals Familiar Story Regarding American Imperial Violence

By Brain Platt

April 5, 2015

Counter Punch

A new report out of Colombia reveals that between 2003 and 2007 US military personnel and contractors stationed in Colombia raped at least 54 children and dozens of women. According to Renan Vega, the lead author of the report,​“There is abundant information about the sexual violence, which occurred under absolute impunity because of the bilateral agreements and the diplomatic immunity of United States officials.” (TeleSur, 3/23)

In 2004 54 girls in the town of Melgar were sexually abused by American military contractors. The abuse was filmed and sold as pornography. The victims and their families were then forced to flee the town under threat of death. In 2007 an Army sergeant and a contractor raped a 12 year old girl inside a US military base. Colombian authorities were blocked from making an arrest by the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) foreign nations sign when forced to host American soldiers. The perpetrators were then flown back to the US to evade charges. (TeleSur, 3/23)

Horrifying as these actions are they are nothing new or unusual. In 2006 US soldiers raped 23 women in Colombia. In 2007 there were another 14 reported cases. Nor are these actions relegated to just Colombia. The vast overseas network of American military bases that buttresses the empire represents also a vast system of rape and violence. Twenty years ago 85,000 Okinawans took to the street in protest after two American marines and a sailor kidnapped and raped a 12 year old Okinawan girl “just for fun” according to one of perpetrators. Admiral Richard C. Macke, commander of US forces in the Pacific, heaped insult onto injury when he responded to questions about the rape, “I think that [the rape] was absolutely stupid. For the price they paid to rent the car, they could have had a girl,” meaning a prostitute from one of the many brothels set up for the use of American servicemen.

Indeed the life of Okinawans is considered cheap by their American occupiers. As historian Chalmers Johnson notes, between 1988 and 1995 169 soldiers in Okinawa were court-martialed for sexual assault. This rate was twice the rate of the general population in the United States. A startling fact consider the great lengths the military goes to cover-up rape at its overseas bases and the immense social pressure in places like Okinawa on women not to report. In fact the 169 number must be a vast underestimation of the actual level of victimization. (Blowback)

In South Korea rape was baked right into the American occupation. According to historian Bruce Cummings during the Korean War the South Korean armed forces reformed the network of “comfort women”—mostly Korean women forced into slavery to serve as prostitutes for soldiers—that the Japanese military had built during its occupation of China and Korea. US soldiers took part in the rape of comfort women during the war. And after the war when many of these women too shamed by a sexist society to return home they formed the original labor force for the brothels that ring American bases in South Korea. (The Korean War)

During the 1960s revenue from prostitution in these camp towns made up 25% of South Korean GNP. At one point ROK dictator Park Chung-Hee even pushed for the importation of women from the southern part of the country to these rape camps out of fear that he was losing sex tourism revenue to Japan. (JoongAng Daily,10/30/08; Violence Against Women, 9/2007)

Sexual violence continues around American bases in Korea today. In 2011 Private Kevin Lee Flippin robbed, beat, and raped a 17 year old Korean girl at knife point. That same year another Camp Casey soldier broke into an elderly couple’s home and beat them with a piece of lumber before trying to rape the 64 year old woman (Stars & Stripes, 10/21/11; 2/28/11). These incidents are exceptional only in the fact that they sparked mass outrage in Korea forcing the US press to report them.

When revelations of torture at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq first appeared in late 2003 it revealed a pattern of sexual violence different only in type from that visited on those surrounding America’s overseas basis. At the infamous prison US soldiers and their contractors sodomized prisoners with broom handles and chemical lights. Inmates were raped while soldiers watched and took pictures perhaps “just for fun” like their compatriots in Okinawa (Guardian, 9/20/04; Daily Telegraph, 5/28/09; Washington Post, 9/19/11). When the Senate torture report investigating activities at Guantanamo Bay was released late last year again it was revealed that sexual assault played a large role in America’s imperial prisons. (Feministing blog, 12/12/14)

Today the major American news organizations remain silent regarding this explosive report out of Colombia (FAIR, 3/26). The network of overseas bases that hold up the American empire and the violence that they bring to those around them are too important to American capitalism to risk. News organizations see no need to get Americans riled up about imperialism and occupation as the US stands to increase its military commitment in Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East all in the name of “democracy” and free markets. For the people in the 130 countries in which the US military currently operates, however, this report out of Colombia represents something very different. This violence deeply rooted in racism and sexism is the face of American imperialism around the globe. It is time the empire was torn down. (emphasis added)

via Sexual Violence is a Trademark of Imperialism | News for the Revolution.

Beyond the unsubstantiated, dehumanizing ‘scientific theories’ that we have all been indoctrinated with, war is the ultimate instructor, when it comes to dehumanizing those actively involved. ‘The enemy’ becomes something less than human in the eyes and minds of ‘the combatants’, and thus the enemy, whether a soldier or civilian child, becomes fair game for any atrocity the conquerors care to perpetrate on them. This has been true with war and warriors throughout the ages.

But the difference, today, is this: Mericans, in particular, consider themselves to be ‘civilized’, and so incapable of ‘the horrors’ of ages past. But in reality, because of wars piled on top of wars, worldwide, and their ‘scientific’ brainwashing, Mericans are, in reality, less civilized and more inhumane than the worst of the conquering hordes from ages past!

Thanks to their ‘democratic way of life’ and religious ‘chosen status’, Mericans, and Europeans as well, have a history that is riddled with these kinds of crimes against humanity. And these crimes have not been limited to one small area of the world, as they were in ages past, oh no, Merica’s crimes against humanity have been perpetrated all over the face of the earth.

And the worst part of this is, the majority of Mericans are going to continue to turn a blind, complicit and compliant eye to these crimes, which their government is perpetrating against humanity, and then go about their lives as if nothing whatsoever is wrong. Most Mericans don’t give a shit that women and children of ‘the enemy’ are getting raped and murdered by their ‘wounded warriors’. Most Mericans are too busy chasing the Merican dream and praying to their gods to give a shit what happens to the rest of humanity. Most Mericans have been mutated into self-this and self-that, ‘exceptional’ androids whose god has, according to them, ‘chosen’ them over the other peoples of the world. What I’m trying to say is this: most Mericans are totally, fucking insane!

The majority of Mericans, today, have become so desensitized, so dehumanized, by ‘materialist science’, their induced patriotic stupor, and self-love, that the only things that matter to them are, of course, themselves, first and foremost, and then their families, their insane religious/political beliefs, their careers/jobs and having a good time, all of the time; or in other words, their continual, no matter who gets destroyed, ‘pursuit of happiness’. Mericans, today, resemble Nero fiddling as Rome burned, only it isn’t Rome burning this time, it is the entire world.

But a day is coming when Mr and Ms Merica will have to deal with actual reality, face to face. And on that soon coming day, the rest of the world will witness Merican’s self-actualized complacency and compliance to their government quickly turning into real terror, which will then lead to absolute chaos.

Cowards die a thousand deaths, or so it is said, and most Mericans, unfortunately for the world, are the very definition of the word coward. Take away their weapons of mass destruction, war machinery, military personnel, storm-troopers, pistols and rifles, and most Mericans amount to little more than helpless infants. Most Mericans truly are, when it gets down to it, the mouses that roared!

And until this cowardly majority of Mericans decides to awaken to the truth, and gather up the courage to stand against their government, these kinds of crimes against humanity will continue to be perpetrated on the disenfranchised peoples of this world.

So with this said, it might have to be the rest of the world that finally puts an end to this monstrous empire and it’s evil, genocidal system/order!


For those who would question my last sentence, in particular, I am, before anything else, a human being, a member of the human race (humanity). The only allegiance I hold is to my individual brothers and sisters around the world, including those who claim the title of Merican.

I hold to no religious or political philosophy/ideology, nor any nationality. I was born an individual human being, not an Anglo-Saxon, Christian, Jew or Muslim male. And I was not born an Merican either. I hold no allegiance to this or any other government of corrupt and evil men.

My concern is for the people of this world, all of them, not just Mericans. And when evil is perpetrated on the people of this world, then it is being perpetrated on me as well. And I will do what I can to stand against this evil, no matter where it is coming from.

“Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” John Donne


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  1. So why is it that your opinions are unpopular with your fellow Americans? 😉 I’d like to see you and Shelby run as a team in the next presidential election! I can just imagine how well that would go over with the average person


  2. Guess?;-) Oh brother, Shelby can be president, I’ll stay in the background (VP), where I can watch for snipers and incoming missiles!;-)

    Anyway, our first order of business would be disband the government and go to a barter system nationwide. Thus the reason I would be in the background, watching out for snipers and missiles!

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  3. Sounds like a great platform! I’m sure Wall Street will jump on board with that one. And I can only imagine what Shelby would have planned for the military industrial complex. Oh well, one can dream


  4. I think Shelby would agree that the two of us are not the answer. Yes, one can dream, and hope. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone would come along and manage to begin the destruction of this worldwide evil system/order? I certainly would support them, in every way possible, as I know you would, too!

    But thanks for the ‘vote’ of confidence;-)

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