Obama’s criminal war against Yemen

And the monstrous tyranny of U.S. imperialistic pursuits continues to destroy the disenfranchised peoples of this world. While the Merican public sits idly by, buying into every bullshit lie the media talking heads pander!

The U.S. Corporation has brought an entirely new and terrifying meaning to genocide and crimes against humanity! How long is the world going to allow this to continue?

News for the Revolution

By Bill Van Auken
April 10, 2015
World Socialist Web Site

As the bombing campaign against Yemen extends into its third week, the Obama administration has stepped up direct US involvement in what constitutes an illegal war that threatens to precipitate a massive humanitarian catastrophe.

The nature of this war is indisputably defined by the character of its combatants. Backed by the US, the most powerful and aggressive imperialist country in the world, is a coalition of reactionary tyrants and royal parasites consisting of the monarchical dictatorships in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states together with the savagely repressive regime headed by General al-Sisi in Egypt.

Their target is Yemen, the poorest country of the Middle East. Even before Saudi and other Gulf states sent warplanes to drop tons of explosives on crowded urban neighborhoods and mobilized warships to block all food and fuel imports from entering its harbors, over…

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“The War on Poverty is Dead! Long Live the War on the Impoverished: The Unfit for Life!”

Can anyone out there, who is not a talking-head stooge of the elite-swine, tell me how the common Merican man or woman can be 'self-sufficient' and 'personally responsible', today, when there are no jobs worth having, and even the low-paying/no benefits jobs (slavery) are quickly disappearing? The republican right is at it once again. These … Continue reading “The War on Poverty is Dead! Long Live the War on the Impoverished: The Unfit for Life!”

Eurasian Emporium or Nuclear War?

Read the following article and learn the truth, Mr and Ms Merica! Your government is lying to you in every way possible, especially when it comes to Merica having military superiority over Putin’s military.

It would appear that Russia could beat the U.S. Corporation’s military without the use of nuclear weapons.

Once again, Mr and Ms Merica, read and weep!

News for the Revolution

When in Doubt, Bully

By Pepe Escobar
April 8, 2015
Counter Punch

Ukraine warA high-level European diplomatic source has confirmed to Asia Times that German chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has vigorously approached Beijing in an effort to disrupt its multi-front strategic partnership with Russia.

Beijing won’t necessarily listen to this political gesture from Berlin, as China is tuning the strings on its pan-Eurasian New Silk Road project, which implies close trade/commerce/business ties with both Germany and Russia.

The German gambit reveals yet more pressure by hawkish sectors of the U.S. government who are intent on targeting and encircling Russia. For all the talk about Merkel’s outrage over the U.S. National Security Agency’s tapping shenanigans, the chancellor walks Washington’s walk.  Real “outrage” means nothing unless she unilaterally ends sanctions on Russia. In the absence of such a response by Merkel, we’re in the realm of good guy-bad guy negotiating tactics.

The bottom…

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The Myths of US Exceptionalism | News for the Revolution

In this image (above) is a partial list of what makes your country so amazingly 'exceptional', Mr and Ms Merica. Let's look at these 'exceptional' criminal-indictments before we move on: 1) Greatest income inequality 2) Highest poverty rate 3) Greatest number of children in poverty 4) Worst child well-being 5) Lowest social mobility 6) Highest … Continue reading The Myths of US Exceptionalism | News for the Revolution