Spoils of War: How Private Military Contractors Legally Steal From Taxpayers

‘4489 and 3444’? What about the millions of Iraqi and Afghan men, women and children who were harassed, tortured and mass-murdered by these dead ‘warriors’ and their comrades?

I’m posting the following video in order to show the Merican patriotic sheep how their tax dollars are being spent on the U.S. Corporation’s wars around the world. I am not posting this because I feel sorry for the people speaking in this video or the Merican tax payer, since I could care less!

Watch and weep, once again, Mr and Ms Merica, you are getting just a tiny bit of what you have coming to you:

Spoils of War: How Private Military Contractors Legally Steal From Taxpayers

By Brave News Films

War companies like Halliburton and Kellogg Brown and Root use “cost plus” arrangements to legally steal from taxpayers. This must-watch clip is from the documentary film, “Iraq For Sale” WATCH THE FULL FILM: http://bit.ly/1Htzl63

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via Activist Post: Spoils of War: How Private Military Contractors Legally Steal From Taxpayers.

The universe, or the gods, are making you pay for the crimes your government has, and still is, committing against the innocent, disenfranchised peoples of this world, Mr and Ms Merica! And I couldn’t be more pleased!

Your hero, the Nazi-like pig, Dick Cheney, has a huge stake in Halliburton. And so you, through your tax dollars, Mr and Ms Merica, are simply making this monstrous liar and war criminal even more insanely wealthy, while you struggle to keep you and your family housed, fed and clothed. And guess what, you have it coming to you, since you have sat idly by and supported your government, as it has committed these heinous crimes against humanity!

Not once, in this video, did any of these whistle-blowing Mericans express regret for what they had helped perpetrate on the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, not once! All they care about is their war-mongering, Merican buddies being ripped off by this piece of shit government and its was machinery.

This is the most disgusting society and country that has ever existed on the face of this earth. And I am glad that I no longer contribute much of anything to this monster called Merica. In fact, I regret having paid taxes as long as I did!

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  1. “All wars are banker’s wars”

    This is what I believe at the moment, or at least a portion of what I believe. This world system/order has always been this evil and corrupt, but before, the powers that be could keep the masses ignorant and unaware. So people like our parents and grandparents, and even us, early on, were not aware of just how bad everything truly was. Even with what happened in WWII and the next thirty years, hadn’t prepared me for what I am experiencing, now, because of what I know and/or am aware of. And its because we can know what is happening on the other side of the world in seconds of it happening.

    And so the powers that be no longer try to hide most of the truth from the masses, they no longer care. Now their game is based on keeping the majority of the masses blinded by confusion about what is happening: it is now a war of misinformation and manipulations. You and I see what is happening, but most others are either still blind or in denial!

    Does this make sense?

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  2. I hope the general population will resist and fight back when they finally realize that we are been driven towards another world war. There was a lot of mass protests around the world against the Iraq war, hopefully people will come to their senses before our leaders destroy the planet

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  3. Hopefully! But we are dealing with completely insane individuals who have the ways and means to destroy everything. The lunatics truly are running the asylum.

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