Tulsa, Oklahoma deputy who shot unarmed man charged with manslaughter

As Shelby Courtland wrote, “Again! Again! Again! Again!”

Read this, Mr and Ms Merica, and then tell me there is such a thing as ‘Merican Justice’, especially for Black Mericans? And charging a few storm-troopers isn’t going to make the anger go away.

Even if a person runs from the storm-troopers, the pigs, this is no reason to shoot them, and then let them bleed to death. But Black Mericans have become even more the target of police, and its because the powers that be want a civil war.

And if this doesn’t end soon, then they might just get their wish!

News for the Revolution

By Evan Blake
April 14, 2015
World Socialist Web Site

On Monday, reserve deputy Robert Bates, 73, was charged with second-degree manslaughter for the April 2 shooting of unarmed Eric Harris, 44, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Bates is only the 55th police officer in the US to be charged for fatally shooting someone while on duty over the past decade, out of a total of thousands of police killings.

Bates was working on an undercover gun buying sting operation with the Tulsa Violent Crimes Task Force when he shot Harris in what Bates and Tulsa police claim was an accident. Tulsa police sergeant Jim Clark told reporters that Bates was “a true victim of ‘slips and capture,’” a pseudoscientific term denoting a psychological slip-up made by someone while they were “captured” by an incorrect impulse, in this case an officer using his handgun instead of his Taser. This was the principal…

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2 thoughts on “Tulsa, Oklahoma deputy who shot unarmed man charged with manslaughter

  1. Let us hope indeed! If there could just be one breakthrough of any kind, at the moment, its would seem like a miracle to me!


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