Cuba, Iran and American Lies

“How does one know when American presidents aren’t telling the truth about foreign policy? The answer is simple. We know they are lying whenever their lips are moving.”

News for the Revolution

By Margaret Kimberley
April 15, 2015
Black Agenda Report

U.S. policies that were once thought to be written in stone have crumbled, over the years, in the face of the intended victims’ resistance. Vietnam triumphed, despite three million dead. Cuba has held out against empire for more than half a century. Iran remains a power in its part of the world. And “the Syrians proved that resistance is not futile.”

How does one know when American presidents aren’t telling the truth about foreign policy? The answer is simple. We know they are lying whenever their lips are moving. There is a long history of claims made about America’s relations with other nations that have been revealed as cynical, bald faced lies. When circumstances change for the political and ruling classes or if resistance is effective enough, a narrative repeated over many years can change very quickly.

Throughout the 1950s, 1960s…

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US Senate passes “milestone” bill to means-test Medicare, ration health care

For those of us 65 or older, and not members of the 1%, the powers that be are finishing up their newest form of “The Final Solution.”

Yes sir, if you’re old and not pretty, and sitting pretty, your day are numbered. My days are numbered.

We, along with our ancestors, helped to make these filthy rich creatures the filthy rich creatures they are. And now they have no further need of us.

Read the following article and be pissed off and disgusted, and then start planning for an early demise!

News for the Revolution

By Andre Damon
April 16, 2015
World Socialist Web Site US Senate voted Tuesday to pass a health care “reform” bill that incentivizes care providers to cut services for Medicare patients and expands the means testing of the program, requiring recipients with higher incomes to pay more in premiums.

The passage of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 is a significant milestone in the ongoing drive to degrade and ultimately dismantle Medicare, the government health insurance program for the elderly and disabled.

The expansion of means testing is a move towards transforming Medicare into a poverty program, undermining political support and setting the stage for its de-funding and ultimate elimination.

Moreover, the bill will “create a new payment system with financial incentives for physicians to bill Medicare patients for their overall care, not individual office visits,” according to the Associated Press, creating a significant financial incentive…

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Blackwater and the crimes of US imperialism

Here is the truth:

…”Under the principles laid down by the Nuremberg Tribunal after World War II, the leaders of the US government during the Iraq War—George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, George Tenet, Paul Wolfowitz—and top military commanders from Tommy Franks to David Petraeus are guilty of the crime of planning and executing a war of aggression. They are collectively responsible for all the deaths that ensued as a result of their actions.

The list does not stop with the Bush-Cheney administration. President Barack Obama, Vice President Joseph Biden, and their top military-intelligence officials continued the US occupation for another three years, and have relaunched the war beginning in August 2014, using as a pretext the emergence of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, a former Al Qaeda affiliate that was armed and financed as part of the US-backed war against the Assad regime in Syria.

Under Obama, the US war crimes against the Iraqi people have become war crimes against the entire population of the Middle East. Libya, Syria and now Yemen have been destroyed as functioning societies by US-backed civil wars, bombing and drone missile strikes…”

News for the Revolution

By Patrick Martin
April 16, 2015
World Soclaist Web Site

This week’s sentencing of four former Blackwater mercenaries to prison terms ranging from 30 years to life is an event that, by its entirely exceptional nature, underscores the effective immunity for US war criminals, in Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond.

Nicholas Slatten, Evan Liberty, Paul Slough and Devin Heard were convicted on multiple counts of first-degree murder or voluntary manslaughter, as well as the use of heavy weaponry in a crime, for their actions on September 16, 2007. The four were among a group of Blackwater guards who opened fire on Iraqi civilians in Nisour Square, Baghdad, killing 17 people and wounding another 20.

The names of the victims have hardly been reported in the American media, although they are listed in official documents. They include nine-year-old Ali Mohammed Hafedh Abdul Razzaq; Ahmed Haithem Ahmed Al Rubia’y, 20, an aspiring medical…

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How Much Evidence Do We Need to Take Action?

The following message kind of sums up what many of us have been trying to get across to the rest of you. My hope is, as always, that this message will help you to awaken to the truth, about your self and everything else: How Much Evidence Do We Need to Take Action? by Zen … Continue reading How Much Evidence Do We Need to Take Action?