A historic attack on Medicare

I am 65, and I encourage all of you my age or older to read the following article.

News for the Revolution

By Kate Randall
April 17, 2015
World Socialist Web Site

Barack-Obama-US President Barack Obama signed into law on Thursday the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015, marking a new stage in the bipartisan assault on the government health insurance program for 53 million American seniors and the disabled.

The bill, HR 2, was passed this week by the Senate, following approval by the House last month—in both cases by overwhelming bipartisan majorities.

Obama praised the bill as a “milestone,” after the Senate vote Tuesday. On Thursday, he praised the “bipartisan achievement,” saying that it would “be good for people who use Medicare, it’s going to be good for our seniors.”

In fact, the bill expands means testing for Medicare and establishes a new payment system in which doctors will be rewarded for cutting costs while being punished for the volume and frequency of the health care services they…

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How Israel Got The Bomb

Here is an excellent, informative article from Toritto!

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Everyone knows Israel has nuclear weapons notwithstanding that Israel has never admitted it has the bomb.

Israel has never signed any nuclear non-proliferation treaties nor has it submitted to international inspections.

So how exactly did Israel get the bomb?

Yesterday I received an article from Politico Magazine entitled :How Israel hid it’s nuclear weapons program: An exclusive look at recently declassified documents shows how Israel blocked U.S. efforts to uncover it’s secret nuclear reactor”.


The article is authored by Avner Cohen and William Burr.

Cohen is a Professor of Non-proliferation Studies at Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.and the author of “Israel and the Bomb”.

William Burr is a Senior Analyst at the National Security Archive, George Washington University and edits it’s special web page “The Nuclear Vault”.


The article details how Israel, with the collaboration of France and Norway deliberately deceived the United States with evasive…

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Shakedown of Unvaccinated Students Begins in Spokane, Washington

(Dees Illustration) For all of you right-wing fanatics who demand government be less intrusive in your lives, by ending taxation, and reducing the so-called 'DEFICIT', here is an example of what you should really be concerned with instead: Shakedown of Unvaccinated Students Begins in Spokane, Washington Eric Blair Activist Post Spokane public schools in Washington … Continue reading Shakedown of Unvaccinated Students Begins in Spokane, Washington

Your Local Police Get Federal Money To Work With Shadowy Surveillance Companies

The following article is an example of how '9/11' has been used, by the government, as an excuse for rescinding many of our so-called 'rights' as citizens. But in particular, our 'right' to privacy has almost been completely eliminated, as the following article reveals: Your Local Police Get Federal Money To Work With Shadowy Surveillance … Continue reading Your Local Police Get Federal Money To Work With Shadowy Surveillance Companies