A powerful short film that summarizes life in the work force. It’s time to walk away and stop being used and abused in a lifetime of servitude.

via Employment – Zen Gardner.

5 thoughts on ““Employment”

  1. Awesome video, sums things up nicely. In reality we’re all just doormats for the elite. Western society has created the most effective system of control through liberal democracy and free market capitalism.


  2. Yes, it is amazing in its simplistic and quiet way of getting the point across hard!

    I refer to us as “beasts of burden”, which is how the elite view us. In fact, I will be posting an article on this subject in the next few days.

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  3. The corporate elite domesticates us to capture our energy and productivity – just like domesticated animals. One of our most important tasks at the moment is to figure out collective ways other than working for money that will enable us to meet our basic needs.


  4. I agree completely. And then maybe someday, sometime in the future, the entire monetary system will be done away with!



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