“ADHD is the new education”

The following article reveals what is, and has been, being perpetrated on children in the Merican ‘education’ system:

ADHD is the new education

by Jon Rappoport

April 22, 2015


“There is a form of mind control that is really mind-chaos. It shatters the processes of thought into, at best, vaguely related fragments. There is no direction, no development, no progress along a line of reasoning. This is how you disable a person. You disrupt his ability to move from A to B to C. At that point, he becomes passive. He’s willing to be programmed, because it’s easier. He wants to be programmed.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

“I learned twenty-four new things today at school,” the child said. “One right after the other. I felt so happy. My teacher told me I was learning accelerated. I wrote on my iPad. I saw pictures. I did group harmony. I added. I divided. I heard about architecture. The teacher said we were filled with wonder at the universe. We solved a problem. We’re all together. I ate cheese. A factory makes cheese.”

The new education is ADHD.

It’s a method of teaching that surrenders ground on each key concept, deserting it before it’s firmly fixed in the mind of the student.

It hops around from idea to idea, because parents, teachers, administrators, students, departments of education, and educational publishers have given up on the traditional practice of repetition.

Repetition was old-world. For decades, even centuries, the time-honored method of instruction was: introduce an idea or concept or method, and then provide numerous examples the student had to practice, solve, and demonstrate with proficiency.

There was no getting around it. If the student balked, he failed.

There were no excuses or fairy tales floated to explain away the inability of the student to carry out the work.

Now, these days, if you want to induce ADHD, teach a course in which each new concept is given short shrift. Then pass every student on to the next grade, because it’s “humane.”

Think of it this way. Suppose you want to climb the sheer face of a high rock. You know nothing about climbing. You engage an instructor. He teaches you a little bit about ropes and spikes and handholds. He briefly highlights each aspect and then skips to the next.

So later…while you’re falling five hundred feet to the ravine below, you can invent stories about why the experiment didn’t work out.

Since the advent of organized education on the planet, there has been one way of teaching young children…until recently. Explain a new idea, produce scores of examples of that idea, and get the students to work on those examples and come up with the right answers.

Subtraction, division, decimals, spelling, reading—it all works the same basic way.

For the last hundred years or so, however, we’ve seen the gradual intrusion of Teacher ADHD.

School text ADHD.

Not enough examples. Not enough exercises.

Education has nothing to do with a full frontal attack to “improve the self-esteem” of the student. It has nothing to do with telling children they’re valuable. And it certainly has nothing to do with trying to embed social values and team spirit in children.

No matter how many fantasies educators spin, schools can’t replace parents.

If what I’m writing here seems cruel and uncaring…look at the other side of the picture. Look at what happens when a student emerges from school with a half-baked, “dumbed-down” education.

He can sort of read. He can sort of write. He sort of understands arithmetic. He tries to skate through the rest of his life. He fakes it. He adopts a front to conceal the large territory of what he doesn’t know.

He certainly can’t think straight. Give him three ideas in succession and he’s lost. He goes on overload.

He operates on association. You say A and he goes to G right away. You go back to A and he responds with R. He’s up the creek without a paddle.

That’s what’s cruel.

Forty years ago, I was on the verge of landing a lucrative job with a remedial education company. The owner gave me a lesson plan and told me to write a sample program.

I did. He looked at it and said, “There are too many examples and exercises here. You have to move things along faster.”

I told him the students would never comprehend the program that way. They had to work on at least 20 exercises for each new concept.

He was shocked. “That’s not how it’s done now,” he said.

“Oh,” I said, “you mean now the student and teacher both fake it?”

And that was the end of that.

Several years ago, I explained much of what’s in this article to a sociologist at a US university. His response: “Children are different now. They don’t have patience. There are too many distractions. We have to operate from a new psychology.”

I asked him what that psychology was.

“Children are consumers. They pick and choose. We have to accommodate them.”

While I was laughing at his assessment, he capped his display of wisdom with this: “There is no longer a division between opinion and fact.”


I know all about how the Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations torpedoed education in America. But their major effort was cutting off teachers and students from the history of the nation and the meaning of individual freedom.

What I’m talking about here is a different perversion. The unhinging of the young mind from any semblance of accomplishment and continuity. This goes far beyond the agenda of outfitting children to be worker-drones in a controlled society.

This is the induction of confusion and despair about what used to be called thinking. This is the imprinting of “gaps” that make it very hard for a person to operate, even as a drone.

In addition, seed children with all sorts of debilitating psychiatric drugs, and you have a profound mess that only dedicated parents can undo, one child at a time.

People may wish it weren’t so, but that doesn’t change the facts of the matter.

The upside is, when you explain a concept to a child, and you then take him through a great many exercises designed to help him understand that concept, he’ll achieve a victory.

When you see the lights go on in his mind, it’s very satisfying. (emphasis added)

Jon Rappoport

via ADHD is the new education « Jon Rappoport’s Blog.

As this article reveals, what is being perpetrated on children in Merican schools, today, is a frustrating, “dumbing down” programming (mind control). As this author makes clear, the emphasis in Merican public ‘education’ is evidently now on cranking out, or shoving through, a multitude of downtrodden, lacking in confidence young people who will be less willing to question what is happening to them, and around them, and thus more accepting of their fate; which will be to do as they are told, when they are told, and without hesitation.

As a former teacher, I, too, know how important repetition and application of subject matter is to the learning process. I taught music in a performing and fine arts high school. And so most of my students were planning to attend college in music after leaving high school, or at least pursue music as a means of self-expression or side career. As well as the traditional instrumental groupings and applied music (lessons, solo performances, etc), I also taught music theory and composition, since I have degrees in education, theory and composition.

And I spent long hours attempting to come up with inventive ways of making the repetition, which is so important in music, apply to their instrumental performances, and in particular, the compositions/arrangements my students were always working on. As my students gained more bits of theory information, I would have them write four to eight measure pieces that would utilize what they had learned: repetition of information. And as time went on, they would begin to make the connection between what they were learning in music theory and their instrumental performances and compositions. So at the end of this process, the basic information, music theory, had become essential to their own creativity: their performances and arrangements/compositions.

This is how children, at any age, learn: information is given, then repetition of that information, through exercises, continues, which ultimately leads to application of the information gained, or the product. Without this process the child will simply have taken in great amounts of information that, through “standardized testing”, will be regurgitated back out, and without ever really learning (retaining and applying, successfully) a damn thing.

And by the way, testing was never a problem for most of my students, since not only were they familiar with the information, but they had also been successful at applying it as well. It all, in the end, seemed to make sense to them. I rarely heard, “Why do we have to know this?”

It was my experience, as a teacher, that children want to learn, they love to learn, especially when they can see the fruit of their learning in a very personal way. Kids are naturally inquisitive, it is we, and this horrible system, who are responsible for the destruction of our children’s natural inquisitiveness and strong desire to learn!

And this is what is happening in Merican ‘education’, and has been for a long time now. This is why many parents wonder why their children seem to be so dull-witted and lethargic, having little desire to discover and create, and sorely lacking in even the most basic knowledge of the people and world around them.

An alert, creative, well informed, self-assured and inquisitive populace is a detriment to the New World Order, where the powerful will demand having complete control over the people.

Your children, Mr and Ms Merica, are being programmed in the ‘education’ system, and everywhere else as well, to take the next step towards, what the elite-powers believe is, the ‘devolution’ of the common human being into an android. Your children are being indoctrinated, ‘educationally’, to be the next beasts of burden for the elite rulers of the soon coming New World Order. And when the ‘singularity’ (“transhumanism”) is complete, then your children, or their children, will no longer be of any value to these elite rulers, and then… who knows?

The full responsibility for the educating of children must fall back on the parents, for the reasons that have been written about here. If you don’t want this crime perpetrated on your children, then you must wrest back control from the state, and then find other means of educating them. And homeschooling is one of these means. In fact, it is the best means of educating children today, because the parents are in complete control of the what, and how, their children are learning.


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  1. Beyond what you know of Mericans, you have no idea of just how “dumbed down” the x, y and millennial gens are. It’s beyond belief how ignorant, uncultured and boorish most of these young Mericans are. Thanks to the ‘education’ system, lousy parents, Hollywood movies, Comedy Central and MTV, we have, for the most part, three generations of self-actualized, bloviating nincompoops who can’t find their own state on an unmarked map, and who have no idea of just the basic history of the world or their own country and state! Nor can they problem solve, think, write or speak clearly, and their idea of being creative is sitting in front of a flat screen playing with their X Boxes.

    This is why I have little hope for the future of humanity and the world.

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  2. It’s more or less the same here. There is a lot of pressure on teachers to pass students no matter what. I’m shocked today by the number of kids graduating high school who can barely write a sentence and have never read book, and this includes some kids going on to university


  3. Same here. I am always amazed at the PhDs who, beyond their own fields, are artistic and cultural morons Learned men and women in my grandparent’s generation were versed in many subjects and spoke and read many languages. They were cultured and loved fine art. Today, fine art and music, to most PhDs, is Mad Magazine and the Rolling Stones!

    I read many years ago that one of the many downfalls of the Roman Empire was the dying out of culture among the Roman people: in antiquity, there is only ONE manuscript of Roman music that has ever been found.

    Everything is so retrograde inverted. I don’t think Humpty Dumpty could, or should, ever be put back together again. See, this proves I’m cultured;-)

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