“Totalitarian Science!”

For those a little confused about the level of importance science, in reality, plays in the world today, here is my brief view of this seven letter, newly-discovered deity. I have heard thousands of statements like "science is the only truth" and "mankind would still be in caves without science", for the last half-century or … Continue reading “Totalitarian Science!”

Is the Federal Government Ready for War Against the American People?

The following article points out, vividly, what I was attempting to point out in a post last week, when I was attacked and labeled a racist who thinks black people are “animals”.

The government has been planning, for a long time now, to incite Mericans, black, white, brown, red and yellow, to protest and riot, so it would have an excuse to institute martial law. And as this article reveals, this is starting to happen all over the country, not just in Baltimore, Maryland.

So we had better get off the hating each other routine and start facing our real enemy, the government:

“Since so many of us citizens of the world are facing the exact same brutality and destruction from traitors within our respective crime cabal governments, we need to stand up in worldwide solidarity to fight for truth, international peace and global justice. In the face of these darkening clouds on our horizon, rather than cower in fear, passivity or continue sticking our heads in the sand in denial, as empowered, mindful citizens of the world we must realize that together we can collectively make a difference. We must choose light over darkness and life over death. The very survival of our human species may be riding on what we the people of this earth can do at this critical, dramatic late hour during these most dangerous, harrowing times.”

News for the Revolution

By Joachim Hagopian
May 03, 2015
Global Research

riot fegusonPrior to even the beginning of the Jade Helm provocation strategically announced months in advance for the purpose of triggering reactionary alarm amongst US citizenry fearing martial law and FEMA roundups that the feds have been planning for years (see 2010’s FM 39.40 manual here), and now police killings in cities nationwide are ramping up urban tensions to the point that civil unrest is opportunistically providing the feds their sought after excuse to possibly declare martial law even before Jade’s “summer games” commence mid-July throughout the US Southwest. By design events are being staged in Baltimore and now Detroit with yet another police killing that may incite public protest and civil unrest that then “justify” calling out the National Guard.

Michael Snyder just wrote an article entitled “Are We Being Psychologically Conditioned to Accept Martial Law in America?” He…

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