Vaccines and National Security

“If vaccinations are so important, then the information required to make them should be made open source and all invited to examine how and why they are made and how to make them in community laboratories located at local universities and hospitals. If that can’t be done, then they probably aren’t that important to begin with nor any more legitimate or necessary than the dangerous antidepressants GSK peddled to little children in America, and surely something society could do well without.”

News for the Revolution

By Ulson Gunnar
May 4, 2015
New Eastern Outlook

4321111One can easily see in the emerging information and cyber war that a nation having its own IT infrastructure, its own hardware, and its own versions of social media platforms is quickly becoming a matter of national security. Without control over these assets, a nation must depend on foreign suppliers for their computers, peripheries and software. Already, this dependence has opened nations up to now evident threats including malware embedded into hardware and software that is otherwise impossible to detect until the damage is already done.

Likewise, a nation’s food supply can and has throughout history, been a source of vulnerability in times of conflict. The inability to grow one’s own food invites blockades and their modern equivalent, sanctions, undermining a nation’s strength and stability and eventually setting the stage for its ultimate demise. Iraq is an example of this.

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2 thoughts on “Vaccines and National Security

  1. Yes, I agree. As you’ve pointed out there are vaccines that are effective, safe and needed. But here in Merica, I find it hard to trust anything dealing with the government and, in particular, the corporations.

    Open source would help to eliminate the fears and answer the questions. But of course, this will never happen, because the government and Big Pharma have another agenda!

    Thanks, Dr B.


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