How Radical Architects are Transforming the Planet

If you’re concerned about your future and your children’s future, here is a ray of hope in this dark world.

I have not watched all six videos, but I will be watching over the next few days. I hope everyone will pass this on to their families and friends, since it shows how we the people have the power, if we choose to use it, as individuals, to change the world and our situations, when we come together, in small self-sustaining communities, and share our lives together!

There is hope for humanity, if we’ll just wake up, look and then respond!

#4 and #6 can be found here:

The Most Revolutionary Act

Radical Architecture

Al Jazeera (2014)

Film Review

Rebel Architecture is a six-part Al Jazeera documentary series about architects who are using their skills to serve the public good rather than wealthy corporations.

Part 1 is about a Spanish architects collective that works with activist collectives loosely connected with Spain’s anti-austerity movement. Thanks to the Spanish government’s severe austerity measures and public service cuts, activist collectives have assumed major responsibility for social welfare. Occupation of public and abandoned spaces is a key tactic. The role of the architects collective is to help activists construct safe buildings in these spaces from cheap and recycled materials. In most cases the structures are unpermitted and technically illegal.

Part 2 is about Pakistan’s first woman architect and her role in helping poor Pakistani communities devastated by floods and earthquakes to rebuild flood and earthquake proof homes as cheaply as possible. Unsurprisingly she discovered that traditional…

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