World’s Richest 80 People Own Same Amount as World’s Bottom 50%

Here is the evil economic system most of you still support, even though the system rapes you and your family continually. This economic system you support also rapes most of the rest of humanity as well.

Yes, I mean corporate capitalism! It’s a curse on humanity that needs to be stopped!

News for the Revolution

By Eric Zuesse
May 9, 2015
Washington’s Blog

money-greedy1Oxfam’s recent report, “WEALTH: HAVING IT ALL AND WANTING MORE” contains shocking figures that the press haven’t sufficiently publicized; so, the findings and the reliability of their sources will be discussed here. The results will then be related to the central political debate now going on in the U.S. Presidential contests for 2016, which is about equality and inequality.

First, the findings:

1. The richest 80 individuals own as much as do all of the poorest half of humanity.

2. During 2009-2014, the wealth of the 80 richest people doubled, yet the wealth of the bottom 50% declined slightly.

Now, the sources:

These data are calculated from Forbes magazine, regarding the world’s richest individuals, and from the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Databook 2014, regarding the global wealth-distribution.

The source on the richest 80:

The Forbes list is one of two such…

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Splitting Up Iraq

How does a foreign government decide how another country is going to be divided, politically and in every other way, unless that government has become an imperialistic empire?

News for the Revolution

The Final Push

By Mike Whitney
May 10, 2015
Counter Punch

“Iraq’s fate was sealed from the moment we invaded: it has no future as a unitary state … Iraq is fated to split apart into at least three separate states…This was the War Party’s real if unexpressed goal from the very beginning: the atomization of Iraq, and indeed the entire Middle East. Their goal, in short, was chaos – and that is precisely what we are seeing today.”

— Justin Raimondo, editor

A bill that could divide Iraq into three separate entities has passed the US House Armed Services Committee by a vote of  60 to 2.  The controversial draft bill will now be debated in the US House of Representatives where it will be voted on sometime in late May. If approved, President Barack Obama will be free to sidestep Iraq’s central government in Baghdad and provide arms and…

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“Manmade warming hypothesis? What’s a hypothesis?”

It seems that the panderers of 'man-made global-warming/climate-change' are at it again. And they, as always, have a captive audience, which is, for the most part, devoid of logic and reason, as well as completely ignorant of the difference between a scientific hypothesis and theory. As the following article points out, this allows both sides … Continue reading “Manmade warming hypothesis? What’s a hypothesis?”