To Those Who Believe in Voting

Read this, Mr and Ms Merica, and then explain to me why you would continue to vote!

News for the Revolution

Thoughts on the Least Important Decision People Make Every Four Years

Bu Noel Ignatiev
May 12, 2015
Counter Punch

One morning years ago, as I entered the classroom for a course I taught on U.S. history, I found the students engaged in a discussion of elections. One of them, whom I knew to be a supporter of “progressive” causes and who had previously complained about student apathy, asked me in a despairing tone, “Why don’t people vote?”

“I don’t know,” I replied.  “To me, the more interesting question is, Why do they?”

Why do people vote? The individual voter does not choose the winner of the election; she chooses which lever to pull or which box to check on a piece of paper. Yet some people get angry at me and call me a shirker when I tell them I don’t vote. If you don’t vote, they tell me, you have…

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Something’s Brewing: #26

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“Whooping Cough ‘Invades’ the Vaccinated”

And the evidence that most vaccines are ineffective and dangerous continues to be exposed: Whooping Cough ‘Invades’ the Vaccinated By Catherine J. Frompovich Herd immunity! Where have I heard that idiomatic, epidemiologic term before? Oh yes! It’s the U.S. CDC and FDA’s Raison de’ Être for vaccines. Recent demographics for pertussis, or whooping cough, coming … Continue reading “Whooping Cough ‘Invades’ the Vaccinated”