“The Coming US Civil War, Economic Collapse and Martial Law”

A few weeks ago, I wrote two posts that basically asked the same question: Is the U.S. Corporation seeking to start a second civil war? And according to some articles I've read since then, and the following video, I seem to be one of many seeking the answer to this question: The Truth Seeker, Daniel … Continue reading “The Coming US Civil War, Economic Collapse and Martial Law”

Soldiers reveal Israeli war crimes in 2014 Gaza assault

Israel, like the U.S. Corporation, is a curse on humanity and the world!

News for the Revolution

By Jean Shaoul
May 14, 2015
World Socialist Web Site


Breaking the Silence, a group of Israeli soldiers, has published a report showing how Israel’s lax rules of engagement and indiscriminate artillery fire led to a large number of civilian casualties and the mass destruction in Gaza during the war last summer.

These courageous soldiers have refuted the lies of the Israeli government, which claims that it took all necessary precautions to protect civilians. They have demonstrated that Israel was in breach of international law, which requires armies to distinguish and protect civilians.

Benny Gantz, Israel’s chief of staff during the war, defended his troops’ conduct as legal. He threatened that future conflicts would be even bloodier “because of the difficulty distinguishing between Palestinian fighters and civilians.”

Contained within the 240 page report, This is How We Fought in Gaza 2014, and the accompanying videotapes shown on Israeli…

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“11 Common Symptoms of the Global Depopulation Slow Kill”

Many of us keep writing about how a psychopathic minority is slowly and skillfully attempting to rid the planet of most of humanity, while many of you continue to listen to the lies of the talking-heads and politicians. We all need to awaken to the truth: 11 Common Symptoms of the Global Depopulation Slow Kill … Continue reading “11 Common Symptoms of the Global Depopulation Slow Kill”