Now Fear This

Read the following and let it sink in deep!

Take Heart!

Who are America’s enemies anyway? Who truly threatens our national security and survival? Who is our government more than ready and willing to defend us from? Brace yourselves for a shock folks — it’s me!

Hard to believe, right? I’m pretty surprised too! I always sort of thought I was reasonably okay, most of the time. Just a simple Croc-clad midwestern girl, harmless as the day is long. Dogs, cats, and toddlers seem to like me well enough. No one runs screaming from a room when I walk in. Parents don’t scoop their children from the playground if I stroll past. Even the squirrels who bury treasures in my planters and picnic on my porch seem completely unafraid of me. And I have threatened to shoot THEM, more than once.

But apparently that’s not the real me, not at all. Turns out, any time I sign a petition, whenever I…

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US prisons rife with violence and torture against mentally disabled prisoners

Here, Mr and Ms Merica, is another disgusting example of your ‘justice system’!

And the elite-swine mandated:

“Let’s not waste money on treating the mentally unstable, let’s make money by throwing them into prisons, where they’ll be tortured and murdered!”

News for the Revolution

By Zaida Green
May 15, 2015
World Socialist Web Site

Mentally disabled prisoners in the bloated US prison system are subject to violent and even deadly abuse, according to a new report. Individuals suffering a range of mental illnesses, unable to find proper treatment in mental health facilities, are punished as a result of their disabilities in the nation’s prisons and jails.

A new report from Human Rights Watch, “Callous and Cruel: Use of Force against Inmates with Mental Disabilities in US Jails and Prisons,” details the cruel and inhuman treatment of mentally disabled prisoners, including minors and the elderly, by jail and prison staff.

Some of the abuses described in the 127-page report include denial of medical attention, violent beatings, repeated use of toxic chemical sprays in an enclosed area, and decades of solitary confinement. Many prisoners have died as a result of abuse, and experts fear…

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“Mexico Suspends Vaccines — 2 Dead, Dozens Hospitalized”

And the deaths and injuries associated with vaccines continue: Mexico Suspends Vaccines -- 2 Dead, Dozens Hospitalized By Experimental Vaccines Chiapas, Mexico reported the deaths of two babies after administering hepatitis B, tuberculosis and rotavirus vaccines. A huge percentage of the children given the vaccines had adverse reactions. The government subsequently suspended the vaccinations nationwide. … Continue reading “Mexico Suspends Vaccines — 2 Dead, Dozens Hospitalized”