“I Refuse to be Complicit!”

Watch the following video, and you will come to understand that anarchy is not, nor has it ever been, synonymous with the word chaos. It is the system/order of governments/economic-systems, owned and operated by a minority of elite psychopaths, and supported by religions, that are creating chaos in this world, as they always have throughout history:

Why Choose Anarchy?

By Anarchris

Anarchris explains why he chooses Anarchy (no rulers) over the force of Government. Hint: Because he doesn’t agree with mass murder.

via Activist Post: Why Choose Anarchy?.

The psychopathic few ruling over the disenfranchised many, the system/order of this world, has outlived its welcome. It is time for we the people of this world to rise up and end this ancient evil, and take back what rightfully has belonged to us and our ancestors since the beginning!

I refuse to be complicit as well, no matter the cost!

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  1. Yes, it is.

    Here again, I think, in their own way, people are beginning to sense this truth. They might not yet be ready to give up the idea of big government, but they see this current government as not working for them anymore.

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