The Misinformation Burnout. Media Fatigue with “Islamism” and “Terrorism”

Are all of you burned out with all of the fear-mongering being pandered, constantly, by the main-stream media?

Me too!

There is a reason for the powers that be wanting you fearful and burned out: they want you to either be so frightened you’ll continue to do as they say, or they want you so bored that you will disengage. Either way, the powers that be get to do as they please.

Want to give the powers that be a wake up call? Don’t take part in their game: don’t buy into what the elite-owned, main-stream media is pandering as truth (fear), and in particular, don’t take part in or vote in the presidential election next year!

Read the following article and see how you are constantly being manipulated by this government!

News for the Revolution

Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Terrorism

By Rev. Richard Skaff
May 19, 2015
Global Research

obama-isis“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749-1832)

In this age of social media, 24 hours news service, and internet, the public is saturated with information or misinformation around the clock causing massive bloating and information fatigue resulting in significant indifference about important events in the world.

This phenomenon also applies to terrorism and Islamism where the media is constantly bombarding the airwaves with fear mongering images and bogus interviews with alleged experts and pundits in order to engender fear in the populace and ratings for their channels. “Be vigilant, because the Moslems are coming.” This is kind of retro, and a good reminder of the old cold war slogans like “The Russians or the commies are coming.”

Every nation must create a bogey man or…

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