Pig Pharma Now Going After Grandparents!

Today, as I sat waiting on a phone representative to assist me, on the screen was an advertisement by Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK), a Pig Pharma giant. And this add had an image of a wolf, in granny gear, holding a baby, and the manipulative caption underneath read: Expecting a new grandchild? Understand the danger … Continue reading Pig Pharma Now Going After Grandparents!

Bush And Cheney Lied About Nukes, Al Qaeda In Iraq

For those of you who abstain from television, not that I’m a fan, you might want to tune in, every once in a while, just to know what the enemy is up to.

The following article and video expose what many of us have accepted as the absolute truth for years now: Cheney and Bush were bald-faced liars!

News for the Revolution

According to Bush’s No. 1 Intel Briefer

By Charles Topher
Global Research, May 22, 2015
Addicting Info, 20 May 2015

It’s an all-too-repetitive argument about an extremely disturbing subject: Did a sitting United States President lie to the American people in order to take us to one of the most costly wars in history?

For the left the answer is and always has been clear; there’s credible evidence that the intel that sent us to Iraq to seek out weapons of mass destruction and Al Qaeda was flawed, but somehow we ended up there anyway, so someone had to have lied.

To the right, it was the faulty intel itself that sent us to Iraq; George W. Bush and his administration made decisions based on what they were told.

A new piece was introduced to the puzzle Tuesday night when Michael Morrell, once acting chief of the CIA…

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Obama (Neo-Nero) & Congress: Bald-Faced Liars, Sold-Out Cowards and Criminals!

Here it is, Mr and Ms Merica, the government that claims to repreesent you: A key source clues me in on TPP code of silence Is the US Senate a representative body or a mafia? by Jon Rappoport May 22, 2015 Read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed. “In acting, sincerity is everything. If you … Continue reading Obama (Neo-Nero) & Congress: Bald-Faced Liars, Sold-Out Cowards and Criminals!

A New, Softer Approach to Pedophiles/”Sex-Offenders”? Why Now?

With one of the Duggar clan (reality show) having been accused of having sex with some of his sisters and other children, as a teenager, the main-stream media is in a frenzy. Only there seems to be somewhat of a less fanatical and more compassionate tone coming from the media talking-heads and their psychologist sidekicks … Continue reading A New, Softer Approach to Pedophiles/”Sex-Offenders”? Why Now?