The Global Elite’s Crimes Against Humanity

“Various well-being surveys indicate that happier societies invest heavily in health, welfare and education, are more equal and live within the limits imposed by the environment. Many less wealthy countries (and wealthy) do well in such surveys because cultural priority is placed on family and friends, on social capital rather than financial capital, on social equity rather than corporate power. It’s no coincidence that people in places like Britain and the US appear to be less happy than they were 40 years ago.”

News for the Revolution

The Subversion of Life, Liberty and Happiness

By Colin Todhunter
May 26, 2015
Counter Punch

5a57a-obama-the-warmongerFor thousands of years, people have been writing about happiness. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristippus concluded that happiness lies in the pursuit of external pleasure. Others, from Antisthenes to Buddha, have stressed that looking inwards and leading an ascetic life based on virtue, simplicity and inner peace is the route to happiness. And then there are those like Schopenhauer who seem to think that we can only be occasionally happy in what is essentially a miserable world: life only oscillates like a pendulum, back and forth between pain and boredom.

Happiness is, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “a state of well-being and contentment: a pleasurable or satisfying experience.”

For some, happiness runs much deeper than merely being content. Aristotle held that being virtuous was only one aspect of happiness. In the absence of say wealth and…

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Something’s Brewing: #31

Image: Dees Illustration And the government's preparations for war against the people and environment continue: The U.S. Navy’s Upcoming “Armageddon War Games” on Alaska By Catherine J. Frompovich What hath the State of Alaska wrought that it deserves the full-force and ‘retribution’ of the U.S. Navy upon Alaskan sea life, its pristine ocean and bay … Continue reading Something’s Brewing: #31

Corporate Media Doublethink and the Bush-PNAC-9/11-Iraq Connection

The U.S. Corporation: lies piled on top of lies by liars piled on top of liars!

News for the Revolution

By Prof. James F. Tracy
May 25, 2015
Global Research

Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz“Doublethink,” George Orwell famously remarked, “means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”

The corporate news media similarly tend toward selective recall when approaching and interpreting crucial facts of national and world history. A recent example involves John Ellis “Jeb” Bush’s tentative May 10 admission that he would not have embarked on the disastrous invasion and occupation of Iraq had he possessed the information that his brother’s presidential administration willfully kept from the American public.

In fact, such information is but one small facet in an edifice of high crimes and subterfuge, including the George W. Bush regime’s complicity in the false flag terror attacks of September 11, 2001, or what one might otherwise term the Bush-PNAC-9/11-Iraq connection.

In the midst of controversy surrounding Jeb Bush’s acknowledgement, major news media almost…

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U.S. Corporate & Israeli Zionist Elite Feast While the Masses Starve and Die!

Image: Dees Illustration Now here is a big surprise: two of the major political/economic monsters (U.S & Israel), solely responsible for the raping and pillaging of the world's disenfranchised peoples, are also responsible for "the worst inequality" among their own people: New Report: U.S. and Israel Have Worst Inequality in Developed World By SM Gibson … Continue reading U.S. Corporate & Israeli Zionist Elite Feast While the Masses Starve and Die!

“California Parents Explain Why They Oppose Mandatory Vaccines”

Image: Dees Illustration If you won't listen to those of us writing on this issue, then maybe you will listen to the following California parents who are being politically forced into having their children vaccinated: California Parents Explain Why They Oppose Mandatory Vaccines By Larry Cook In this video, well-informed and educated parents object to … Continue reading “California Parents Explain Why They Oppose Mandatory Vaccines”