Something’s Brewing: #31

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And the government’s preparations for war against the people and environment continue:

The U.S. Navy’s Upcoming “Armageddon War Games” on Alaska

By Catherine J. Frompovich

What hath the State of Alaska wrought that it deserves the full-force and ‘retribution’ of the U.S. Navy upon Alaskan sea life, its pristine ocean and bay waters, the fishing industry and the people of Alaska?

Apparently, a nautical ‘war’ has been declared to start sometime in June 2015!

What’s that all about, especially when the U.S. Navy will be ‘attacking’ indefensible’ entities: the environment, sea creatures and probably humans from all the toxic releases into the environment and other war games’ horrors such as sonic booms, etc.?

According to journalist Dahr Jamail’s article, “The Navy’s Great Alaskan ‘War,'” Alaska is about to face an ‘off-shore Armageddon’ according to those in the know about such plans. Jamail interviewed Emily Stolarcyk of the Eyak Preservation Council who said, “We are concerned about expended materials in addition to the bombs, jet noise, and sonar.”

Further concerns were voiced regarding “Chromium, lead, tungsten, nickel, cadmium, cyanide, ammonium perchlorate, the Navy’s own environmental impact statement says there is a high risk of chemical exposure to fish.” Moreover,

The propellants from the Navy’s missiles and some of their other weapons will release benzene, toluene, xylene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and naphthalene into the waters of twenty percent of the training area, according to their own EIS [environmental impact statement],” she explains as we look down on Cordova’s harbor with salmon fishing season rapidly approaching. As it happens, most of the chemicals she mentioned were part of BP’s disastrous 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which I covered for years, so as I listened to her I had an eerie sense of futuristic déjà vu.

Here’s just one example of the kinds of damage that will occur: the cyanide discharge from a Navy torpedo is in the range of 140-150 parts per billion. The Environmental Protection Agency’s “allowable” limit on cyanide: one part per billion

So, what’s at stake? According to journalist Jamail,

Species affected will include blue, fin, gray, humpback, minke, sei, sperm, and killer whales, the highly endangered North Pacific right whale (of which there are only approximately 30 left), as well as dolphins and sea lions. No fewer than a dozen native tribes including the Eskimo, Eyak, Athabascan, Tlingit, Sun’aq, and Aleut rely on the area for subsistence living, not to speak of their cultural and spiritual identities.


The Navy is already permitted to use live ordnance including bombs, missiles, and torpedoes, along with active and passive sonar in “realistic” war gaming that is expected to involve the release of as much as 352,000 pounds of “expended materials” every year. (The Navy’s EIS lists numerous things as “expended materials,” including missiles, bombs, torpedoes.) At present, the Navy is well into the process of securing the necessary permits for the next five years and has even mentioned making plans for the next 20. Large numbers of warships and submarines are slated to move into the area and the potential pollution from this has worried Alaskans who live nearby…

(emphasis added)

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  1. There’s this going on, Jade Helm and then there’s war games that NATO has going on in the Scandinavian countries, and it all has to do with killing, destroying and controlling, oh, and of course money. Trillions of dollars have been spent tuning the Middle East into an unstable war zone and now the West is trying to push Russia and China into a war. How much longer will people sit around and allow this insanity to continue?


  2. It could be that all of this will finally push people over the brink. Even the most ignorant and patriotic among us must be taking some notice of these things happening and so become concerned or angry. And some, the more radical, must sense that these “war games” are warnings from the government, and this might just be the final straw?

    People will only be pushed so far before they push back!

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