“Socialism is Not a Dirty Word!”

I read an article the other day, and the author noted, “Socialism is not a dirty word.” Well it might not be a dirty word, but the die-hard corporate capitalist would claim it is. But then again, the die-hard corporate capitalist is paranoid of anything that might threaten his or her ill-gotten booty (pirate’s treasure, not ass).

I have chosen the following definition of socialism, as opposed to the more than politically tainted version found in most Merican dictionaries, which have, unfortunately, become the tools of this corporate capitalist government.

Socialism: “Socialism is a social and economic system characterized by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy, as well as a political theory and movement that aims at the establishment of such a system.”

In the corporate capitalist propagandized definition of this term, socialism is made out to be this evil system that takes political and economic control away from the elite-swine and places it in the hands of the government. The only problem with this definition is that the elite-swine own and operate all of the major governments in this world, including the U.S. Corporation, Russia and China, making this definition basically a bald-faced lie. The elite powers that be have twisted socialism around to this false meaning in order to protect their greed and gluttony, their system/order. And these creatures have convinced many of us, through mind control/brainwashing, that their way is the only right way, “the godly way”, while socialism is of the atheistic communist and thus evil.

As you can see by the definition of socialism I hold to, the political and economic power resides with the people, and not with a few wealthy and powerful psychopaths, or their sold-out “elected” stooges. And thus the reason that in Merica, socialism is a dirty word, since the elite-swine want to keep all the political and economic power to themselves, so they can rule we the individuals and the entire world.

Socialism, according to my definition, would signal the death of corporate capitalism, and thus the death of the elite-swine who rape and pillage the rest of us, day in and day out. There is nothing dirty about the word socialism, in fact, it is much cleaner than the filthy term corporate capitalism.

“Power to the people!” This old sixties protest-chant was almost on the right track, but it failed because the people chanting it still loved the system/order: democracy laced with a virulent strain of corporate capitalism; or “The military-Industrial Complex,” as President Eisenhower named it, when he warned of what was going to happen if this military/banking/corporate monster were allowed to seize full control of the government and thus we the individuals. And because our parents didn’t listen to Eisenhower, or John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr and Robert F Kennedy, as well as many others who had seen this menace growing, we the people are now stuck in this nightmare. And we must find a way to awaken to this nightmare and end it!

The socialist ideal I hold to is this: all economic and political power is, in reality (not just empty political words), of, by and for the individual people of this world, those who are willing to take full responsibility for themselves, individually and corporately.

My vision of life in the future is one where there are no monstrous governments and economic systems, nor the elite-swine who create and control them, there are only millions upon millions of self-governing, self-sustaining communities around the world, which live and let live. I envision a world where no religion is allowed to force its views on other people and their communities: individuals are free to believe as they please, as long as they don’t attempt to force their views/values on other individuals or communities in any way. I envision a world where “the parts” are all that exist, living in harmony with each other, without any need for the manipulative, mind-control device referred to as “the whole”: “the herd mentality”.

I envision a world based on socialist and anarchic (individual freedom) ideals, where the individual is of even more importance than the community, since the reawakening of the mind, and imagination, of we the individuals will only serve in aiding ourselves, our communities and the world.

It is time we throw off the despotic, enslaving chains of massive, out of control governments and economic systems (the monetary system), and embrace a new way of life and living. As I’ve written many times before, it is time we the individuals come together and restart this world and our lives as we see fit! It is time we the individuals stop allowing corrupt and tyrannical nanny/police states to take responsibility for us and our lives, which only leads to what we have now: hell on earth. And in order to accomplish this task, we must seek the destruction, the absolute end, of this ancient system/order, which has destroyed the lives of our ancestors, and now is seeking the destruction and eradication of all of us!

And one major way we can begin this great task is by withdrawing from this system/order as much as possible: stop actively taking part in this system/order; stop feeding the beast, and sooner or later, the beast will shrivel and die!

Socialism is not a dirty word, and anarchy is not, nor has it ever been, synonymous with the word chaos. There is nothing evil or wrong with sharing with others and the true freedom of the individual!

8 thoughts on ““Socialism is Not a Dirty Word!”

  1. We could transform the planet in one generation living like this. The environmental crisis, the global population crisis, wars and so many other issues would all be resolved. It’s just a matter of people waking up to the possibilities of a form of society


  2. Isn’t it amazing. All we have to do is wake up, and then bring this current system/order down, by not taking part in it.

    And yet, as of now, if this ever comes to pass, i see it as happening several generations from now. But maybe not!

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  3. The powers that be also like us to think that we have only two choices – that if we don’t like capitalism, we have to accept socialism, in which capital (aka the means of production) is “socialized.” The film Can We Do It Ourselves? (http://stuartjeannebramhall.com/2015/05/27/a-film-about-economic-democracy/) suggests a third option, in which workers own and run the business and sign a rental contract with capitalists for capital. This is the reverse of what happens under capitalism, where the capitalists own the business and sign a rental contract with workers for labor.


  4. Yes, I read your review.

    It is an option, but not one I would desire. self-sustaining/governing communities with no monetary system. Anything, barter, whatever, just not a monetary system, and especially no capitalists!

    What happens when the capitalists decide to go insane again and seize their property back from the tenants who are renting, and while they’re at it, seize the entire production and money made?

    Where Capitalism is, there will be corruption and worse!



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