Forceful Suppression of Information: The Merican Way!

It would seem that the elite-swine don’t want the rest of us knowing what damage their oil spill has done to California’s coastal environment:

Private Security Contractors Block Press From California Oil Spill

By Luke Rudkowski

In this video, journalist Luke Rudkowski and Tim Pool travel to Santa Barbara, California to cover the recent oil spill. The only problem with trying to cover what actually was going on was that security was on high alert and made sure we could not get to the beach. There was also no one to talk to on the site and we were left with security guards just telling us that we could not go to see the damage. After this video the police arrived and gave us partial access to the beach.


via Activist Post: Private Security Contractors Block Press From California Oil Spill.

People my age, when we were young, were told by our parents, our teachers and politicians that Merica was not like Communist Russia or China. We were told, “There is no suppression of information by your government, like there is in Communist China and Russia!” We had been indoctrinated to believe our government was good and open, and so pertinent government information, good or bad, was always open and readily available to us.

We were lied to then! And we are still being lied to now!

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