Chicago cops posing as hunters with “suspect” wearing antlers

If there is some ultimate power/creator in the universe, it is now standing by and watching as the Merican empire self-destructs and comes crashing down.

And when the end does come, as it will, and soon, I can imagine the sound of the universe, and millions of disenfranchised peoples on earth, cheering and shouting, “The menacing whore is finally dead! Good Riddance!”

News for the Revolution

Notes on police violence in America>

By Evan Blake
May 29, 2015
World Socialist Web Site

On Wednesday, an Illinois judge ordered the release of a Polaroid picture showing two Chicago police officers crouched, posing as hunters over an unidentified African-American man, who police have said was a “drug suspect.”

Jerome Finnigan, the officer on the left, is holding a pair of antlers above the man, while the other officer, Timothy McDermott, holds the man’s head up. Both officers are posing with rifles and clearly instructed the man to stick his tongue out and roll his eyes back, creating the image of a deer that had been hunted and killed by the officers.

The photo was taken sometime between 1998-2003 at the Harrison Police District on Chicago’s West Side. Harrison is roughly a mile south of Homan Square, which was recently revealed to be an off-the-books “black site” where police…

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