“God’s Chosen People, ‘The Master Race,’ are an Abomination!”

“The Master Race?”

{This is a post I published last November. It has received many hits lately, so I thought I would publish it anew once again.}

In this image, note Israel’s former/deceased prime minister, Menachem Begin, arrogantly and boldly declaring who the Zionists truly are, and how they view all other (“inferior”) races:

“Our race is the MASTER RACE… We are divine gods… we are… different from the INFERIOR RACES… other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best… Our destiny is to rule over the INFERIOR RACES… Our earthly kingdom…”

Let’s see, where have I heard this kind of religious/occult-in-nature, genocidal lunacy before? Oh yes, that’s right, Adolph Hitler, his henchmen and the Nazis.

Imagine that, a “holocaust” co-creator and defender, and Zionist prime minister of Israel, using hate-filled and dehumanizing language to describe other races. The same kind of language that had once been used by Adolph Hitler and his henchmen to describe Jews. Why would Begin use the same hateful language, in describing other races, as the men who, according to him and his Zionist brethren, were responsible for the mass-murder of “6,000,000 Jews?” Does this strike anyone else as being more than odd?

Oh, and by the way, Hitler was an Ashkenazim Jew, just like Menachem Begin and the rest of the Zionists.

With this revelation, then, could it be that Hitler never coined the term, “MASTER RACE?” Could it be that the Zionists, who, even then, held most of the world’s wealth and power, were responsible for the insane notion of a “MASTER RACE,” and not the Nazis or the German people? Could it be that the Zionists, the self-proclaimed Master Race, were behind the curtain and controlling Hitler’s regime, and thus were solely responsible for the so-called “holocaust?”

I have no doubt that Hitler was a stooge of the Zionist-owned and operated, European banking cartel, and that “the holocaust” was merely another false-flag, which would ultimately be used as a reason (an excuse) for creating the Zionist State of Israel.

I am not denying that innocent and helpless, Jewish (Khazarian) men, women and children (“the lesser brethren,” according to Zionists) were harassed, taken from their homes, imprisoned and starved to death, or even beaten and murdered. But I no longer believe that there were “6,000,000” of them killed/murdered, nor do I believe in “the final solution” fraud, which my generation (baby-boomers), in particular, has been indoctrinated/brainwashed with, since childhood. There were millions of innocent men, women and children killed/murdered in Europe, during the 1930s and ’40s, not just Ashkenazim Jews.

I am sick of the half-truths, lies and deception in this seventy year old folk-tale. And I will no longer tolerate being coerced into silence by the Zionists and their stooges in the U.S. and European governments! If the Zionists want the “inferior races of cattle,” like you and me, to believe them, which they do not, nor could they care less, then they should start speaking the truth. And then they should begin begging for our forgiveness, and “our” includes the “lesser brethren,” whom the Zionists have always used and abused as mere pawns and scapegoats.

Of course, this truth telling and begging forgiveness will never happen, since “THE MASTER RACE” is incapable of speaking truth or feeling guilt. The entire Jewish race (“the lesser brethren”) should stand against these insane and bloodthirsty liars!

In fact, many Jews have begun to do just that (see here). I harbor no disrespect or hatred for the Jewish people. I am writing, here, about an atheist/occult minority who call themselves Jews, but who are, in reality, Zionists (“The Master Race”), the “divine gods” destroying this world and its peoples.

We have these insane creatures’ religions to thank for all of this fraud and confusion, as well as the hellish nightmare life has become on this planet. If or when the end of time comes, somewhere it will have been written, in volume after volume of evidence, that the true enemies of man, beyond himself, were the religions created by this minority of “divine” psychopaths:

No doubt about it–government is religion. But it’s a hodgepodge of religions with a particular sort of god. The one that this nation is under. The one causing this nation to go under.

The similarities between government and religion are so seamless that for most of my life I hardly even noticed it. But nothing completes the merger more than this: THEY PLACED THEMSELVES ABOVE THEIR OWN RULES!

The jealous and vengeful god threatens us with eternal damnation for committing these same transgressions. As for government, we are told to be diligent in turning in anyone not obeying the laws except for those within the government itself. The whistleblower is deemed a traitor for exposing government corruption but that same whistleblower is expected (possibly soon to be required) to turn in his neighbor for the violation of any law under the sun.

Sorry, but I’m not much for serving any entity with such a severe lack of integrity.

There’s a hard reality to face. With few exceptions, God’s Chosen People are an abomination. But then again, what else could they be for perfectly serving the dictates of an imposter whose Biblical behavior and lack of impulse control resembles that of a juvenile delinquent on a rampage.

But in order to take this charade to a whole new level, the Christian theology was tossed into the mix perpetuating the most recent rendition of the “sacrificed Savior” meme in order to justify every form of bloodletting. After all, if Yahweh can allow for sacrificing his only begotten son (done in by his chosen people no less), what other form of sacrifice cannot be justified?

And we’re all going to burn in hell for not believing this shoddy patchwork of perception so poorly choreographed by these two religions? It’s so badly scripted that even most of those affiliated with Judaism don’t believe the entire story! Christians fighting endless wars on behalf of Christ killers? You can’t make this stuff up.

But Israel’s perennial butchery of Palestinians is far from fictitious. Even the Zionist-controlled mainstream media can’t keep it all under wraps. They’re having a problem trying to hide all the bodies.

It’s ironic watching the media in America depicting non-existent dead children at places like Sandy Hook with absolutely no verifiable evidence other than the sickly-sweet smiles of crisis actors playing parents on the morning after while not saying much of anything regarding the numerous photographs of dead Palestinian children splashed across the internet. But this is the way of things when cast into the sensory deprivation tank of truth concealment while simultaneously being fed a sensory overload of lies. That’s what the matrix is all about.

So how do we break through? First of all, I don’t worship two-faced, tinhorn tyrants. I’ll leave that to the religious.

I’m convinced that the true Source through which all meaning can be found provides us with unconditional love. This means that there is no one to judge us, only that which reveals to us where we have gone wrong. But only if we are open to it… (emphasis added)

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via The Imposter – Zen Gardner.

“First of all, I don’t worship two-faced, tinhorn tyrants”

And neither will I ever again! How I ever could have bought into the fraud that is the god of the Zionist/Christian religion, I will never understand. I still can’t believe I was so disturbed that I could have bought into this ancient, manipulative lie. I cringe every time I look back.

Religious doctrine/dogma is a curse on humanity and the world, and it breeds even worse curses: in particular, governments/political ideologies, economic systems and the greed/power-driven psychopaths who own and operate them, and who insanely believe they are “the chosen” of their particular marsh-gas deity.

Get rid of religion and you get rid of everything else that oozes out of and slithers with it: democracy, capitalism, socialism, communism, monarchies, oligarchies and insane assholes like Begin’s fellow “divine gods,” “The Master Race.”

Why do we allow this inbred psychopathic minority (the Zionists and European royalty), and their despotic religions, to create reality (illusion) for us, to enslave us in “bitter bondage?” Doesn’t it make more sense for the majority of us to capture these inbred creatures and lock them up and throw away the key?


For those who would question the authenticity of Begin’s quote above, I would suggest you do research for yourself. But know this, if you go to Zionist run sites, like “Wiki” anything or “holocaust memorials,” then you will simply be reading more manipulations and bald-faced lies.

Here is an article about the deceased Jewish reporter who had first exposed this quote by Begin. And the author of this article and site is also a Jew:

Remembering Amnon Kapeliouk By Franklin Lamb.