“The Community Exchange System”

Living life means having to deal with decisions and our choices, good or bad. We can decide to stay in and partake of a system of government, which is robbing us blind and destroying us, or we can look for alternatives that will place the control of our lives back into our own hands. It's … Continue reading “The Community Exchange System”

A Classic Case of Greenwashing

For those who jump on board with every animal, climate and environment saving scenario, here is an article you should check out and consider, especially before you write another check!

The Most Revolutionary Act

Silence of the Pandas

Wilfred Huisman (2011)

Film Review

Greenwashing (def) – a form of spin in which green PR or green marketing is deceptively used to promote the perception that an organization’s products, aims or policies are environmentally friendly.

Silence of the Pandas is about the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) – the world’s largest conservation organization – and their open collaboration with Monsanto, palm oil manufacturers and other multinational corporations that are systematically destroying wildlife habit.

WWF solicits millions in donations every year based on the image it projects of protecting endangered animals, such as the panda and the tiger. In reality, the WWF, under the leadership of the British royal family and other members of the British aristocracy, forms lucrative “partnerships” with corporations seeking to greenwash their image.

Through these toxic partnerships, WWF is facilitating, rather than preventing, the destruction of rainforests and wildlife habitat. It also actively…

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“Intolerable Levels” of Monsanto’s Glyphosate (Roundup) Found in Breast Milk

Here is an article for all pregnant, or soon to be pregnant, women and fathers to be aware of and consider!

News for the Revolution

By Christina Sarich
June 30, 2015
Natural Society

baby-breast-milk-735-350After testing 16 women from different regions all over Germany, the Green Party has found that traces of the chemical glyphosate, the primary ingredient in Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide Round Up, are appearing in breast milk at ‘intolerable levels’ that could harm a developing baby and the mother.

The weed killer traces in breast milk were found to be between 0.210 and 0.432 nanograms per millilitre (PPB). Drinking water is allowed to have no more than 0.100 nanograms of glyphosate.

Irene Witte, professor of toxicology at the University of Oldenburg, described the findings as “intolerable.”

Witte stated:

“I would never have guessed that the quantities are so high.”

Though the sample size in these initial tests was small, and Witte believed it should be expanded, it is still indicative of a major problem. These 16 women indicate that larger sections of the population are being…

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Mind Altering Drugs

An excellent video!

The truth hurts, doesn’t it, Pig Pharma, AMA and FDA?

News for the Revolution

By Peter Vlemmix
Global Research, June 29, 2015
Peter Vlemmix, June 20, 2015

We fight a continuous war to prevent people taking illegal mind altering drugs for pleasure or sorrow, it’s called the war on drugs. 

Yet we use society’s most respected professionals –namely medical doctors and pharmacists– to hand out legal mind altering drugs, which have devastating consequences on people’s health.

You are made to believe that Big Pharma is interested in your health, but in practice it is a lethal profit making machine.

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“An Australian cop has a passionate message about vaccines and babies”

Image: Dees Illustration An Australian cop has a passionate message about vaccines and babies—watch it. by Jon Rappoport June 22, 2015 At a recent Brisbane rally, Australian policeman Chris Savage breaks the wall of silence and talks about vaccines and infant deaths. Jon Rappoport The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM … Continue reading “An Australian cop has a passionate message about vaccines and babies”