Compulsory “Schooling” vs. Education

If you are considering homeschooling your children but still aren’t sure yet, then read the following excellent article.

I am a former teacher, and I can tell you, from experience, that this article paints a very accurate and clear picture of the despotic and despicable agenda that drives public education.

If you don’t want your children intellectually and philosophically raped and pillaged, if you don’t want them to become mindless, devoid of imagination androids, ready and willing to be used by their elite masters, then home school them! Take full responsibility for your children, and be in charge of every aspect of their young lives, and in particular, oversee and manage their education from beginning to end!


“In our dreams, people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present education conventions of intellectual and character education fade from their minds and unhampered by tradition we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive folk. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into men of learning or philosophers, or men of science. We have not to raise up from them authors, educators, poets or men of letters, great artists, painters, musicians, nor lawyers, doctors, statesmen, politicians, creatures of whom we have ample supply. The task is simple. We will organize children and teach them in an perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in an imperfect way”.


The above quote is from OCCASIONAL LETTER NO.1. OF THE GENERAL EDUCATION BOARD. The General Education Board was founded, funded and controlled by John D. Rockefeller…

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“The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): …A Criminal Organization!”

I have copied the entire following article, including all links. I must once again encourage everyone to read this, since it is filled with important information that could save your life or your family's and friends' lives: TPP death pool: US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada… More pharmaceutical destruction is coming to your door. by Jon … Continue reading “The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): …A Criminal Organization!”

The United Penal Colonies of Merica: One of the Elite-Swines’ Eugenics-Inspired Cash-Cows!

It seems the only industries Merica has left are the Banking-Cartel/Wall Street/continual-war industry, the medical/medication/vaccine industry (Pig Pharma/AMA/Obamacare), the "illegal" drug industry (CIA/DEA operated), the surveillance (spying on we the people) industry, the gestapo/storm-trooper/shyster ("justice") industry and the related prison/private-prison industry, which is continually supplied by an indoctrinating, demoralizing and "dumbing-down" public-education system: Disturbing INFOGRAPHIC: … Continue reading The United Penal Colonies of Merica: One of the Elite-Swines’ Eugenics-Inspired Cash-Cows!

Israel’s War Crimes Record: Killing and Maiming Children in Armed Conflicts

If Zionists are truly “god’s chosen people,” as the bible-thumping Christian claims, then I’ll hang out with Satan!

Here is the real Israel, Mr and Ms Merica, the real Israel your government supports, the real Israel you’ll never hear mentioned by the main-stream media talking-heads.

This is the Israel that is ruled by the same Zionist psychopaths who own and operate (rule) your government and country, Mr and Ms Merica!

Here is a follow up post:

News for the Revolution

A Criminal Offender at Large, UN Listing or Not

By Eva Bartlett
June 8, 2015
RT June 5, 2015

al-monitor wounded gazan children in hospitalReports have come out that the UN was considering adding Israel to the list of “grave violations against children in armed conflict.” As detailed below, Israeli army and Israel’s state policies are systematically violent against Palestinian children.

A recent Independent article noted that [Special Envoy for Children and Armed Conflict Leila]

“Zerrougui’s draft report cited IDF attacks on schools and hospitals during the 2014 war in the Gaza Strip…”

Even though the UN has historically not taken strong action against any of Israel’s war crimes over the decades, let alone those specifically against Palestinian children, Israel has reportedly exerted pressure to be de-listed from the draft list, with seeming success.

The Independent wrote,

“UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, however, is said to be leaning towards not including Israel in the list, amid…

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