Zionist Israel: Palestinian Children Beware!

{Note: As I’ve stated before, the following post is directed strictly at Zionists, and not the Jewish people. The vast majority of Jews do not support Zionism or these kinds of atrocities. And so I don’t want to give the bigots out there any ammunition to work with. Once again, it is Zionism/Zionist Israel that is responsible for these crimes against children and humanity, not the Jewish people!}

The Zionist animal in this image above is an example of what this government and many Merican Christian fundamentalists support: Zionist-Israeli child murderers.

And the United Nations, which is evidently operated by the Zionist U.S. Corporation and Israeli cabal, is turning a blind eye to the atrocities being perpetrated by these psycho-stooges of the Zionist elite-swine:

UN Fails to Include Israel on Blacklist of Children’s Rights Violators

By Claire Bernish

Going against recommendations given to him during the past week, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon chose not to include Israel on the infamous list of groups and states that violate children’s rights in times of armed conflict—though he did harshly criticize Israel for the thousands of Palestinian children killed and injured during military actions in 2014.

Ban made the decision not to include the IDF (Israel’s army) on the blacklist with groups like the Taliban, ISIS, and al-Qaeda after receiving the recommendation to do exactly that from UN special envoy for children and armed conflict, Leila Zerrougui. Going against such counsel is unusual, according to UN sources.

“The unprecedented and unacceptable scale of the impact on children in 2014 raises grave concerns about Israel’s compliance with international humanitarian law . . . particularly in relation to excessive use of force,” said Ban of the decision.

The Secretary General also acted contrary to Zerrougui’s advisement to include Hamas on that list.

The “devastating impacts for children” described in the report can be clearly seen in numbers: In Gaza, no less than 557 Palestinian and 4 Israeli children were killed while all but 22 of the 4,271 injured were Palestinian. In the West Bank, there were 13 Palestinian and 3 Israeli children killed with a total of 1,218 children injured. Only Afghanistan and Iraq had higher total child deaths due to conflict than Palestinians, with 710 and 679 children killed, respectively.

With the lopsided casualties and Israel’s direct attacks on seven schools, there are many questions surrounding the decision not to include it on the blacklist. A spokesperson for Ban Ki-Moon, Stephane Dujarric, implied that heavy pro-Israel lobbying by the U.S. and others was influential in the choice. Interestingly, last week, Senators Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz challenged any future presidents to reconsider the U.S.’ relationship with the UN should Israel be included on the list of children’s rights violators. They suggested the UN should not expect continued financial support should Israel’s right to “self-defense” be infringed.

“I would like to put all parties to conflict on notice that those that engage in military action that results in numerous grave violations against children will, regardless of intent, find themselves under continued scrutiny by the United Nations, including in future reports relating to children and armed conflict,” warned Ban.

Armed forces or groups who “recruit, use, maim, rape, or employ other types of sexual violence against children, or who engage in attacks on schools and/or hospitals” are generally included on the list. It would appear Israel’s seven school attacks more than qualify under these guidelines.

Claire Bernish writes for theAntiMedia.org, where this article first appeared. Tune in! Anti-Media Radio airs Monday through Friday @ 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific.

via Activist Post: UN Fails to Include Israel on Blacklist of Children’s Rights Violators.

Graham and Cruz: bible-thumping hypocrites and money/power-grubbing piglets of the worst sort! And people who support and vote for these stooges of the Zionist elite-swine, including god fearing Christians, are hypocritical piglets as well! There should be a hell, an incredibly torturous one, for child murdering animals like these genocidal soldiers and the low-life politicians who support them!

The utter hypocrisy of the religious far right, the “tea-baggers” and the like, is beyond belief. These hypocritical animals thump their bibles, attend church and praise god while supporting the monstrously criminal state of Israel, and the low-life politicians who kiss every Zionist-elite ass they can get their lying and cheating lips on. Vermin! Scum of the earth! Neo-Nazi’s in sheep’s clothing!

How long, people? How long are we going to put up with these homicidal animals and their elite-swine owners and trainers?

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  1. I think this is going to eventually lead to a massive backlash, which could reignite antisemitic hostilities around the world. People, as people do, will start blaming all Jewish people for the crimes of these Zionist psychopaths. They can no longer hide their crimes, which are being exposed for the whole world to see. Continuing to deny them and trying to suppress the truth will only make it worse


  2. Thanks for reblogging!

    I have posted one Jewish site before that stands against the state of Israel and Zionism. And their complaint is just this: they are paying for crimes they have nothing to do with nor support. Thus my note in the other post yesterday.

    I need to put one on this also. I can’t let this kind of crime against humanity go by, but I don’t want to bring trouble down on innocent people either. That’s why I never use Jews or Jewish, because Zionists are not Jews in a religious sense. In fact, most Zionist elite are either atheist or worship Satan.

    I’ll add a note to this now! I should have done it before.

    Also, from what I read. most others make the distinction between Jew and Zionist as well. The people who are going to cause Jews problems would be causing them problems even if these kinds of stories were not out there: these people hate anything that isn’t white and Christian! Idiots and morons!

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  3. I feel bad the Jewish people being lumped in with Zionism. I do see a lot of antisemitism online, with people making no distinction between “the Jews” and the Zionists.

    Like you, I try to keep the distinction clear. There’s enough hatred in the world and the last thing I want to do is contribute to it


  4. Same here! I don’t want to bring harm on the people I am trying to help! I went back and added a note to the post. You’re right, there is enough suffering in the world.

    There are many Jews who are taking on the Zionists:


    I admire these people, greatly. And I am more than certain they are getting blasted by the Zionist thugs in Israel.

    I very seldom write on this issue, and for the reasons we have been discussing.

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