Citizen Gardens Grow 40% Of Nations Food In Russia — Why Not Here?

Here is an excellent article on self-sufficiency/sustaining.

Thanks to Dr Bramhall!

2 thoughts on “Citizen Gardens Grow 40% Of Nations Food In Russia — Why Not Here?

  1. Growing a vegetable garden used to be a way of life for past generations. Maybe it’s our lifestyle, a combination of not having the time, and being socialized into preferring the convenience of the grocery store. But I think this is something that people take up again in the near future, both our of necessity and the desire for healthier food


  2. I told Dr Bramhall, when I was a kid there were houses everywhere selling fresh veggies and fruits. I could walk down the street less than a half block and buy tomatoes, corn, strawberries and even melons, all picked the same day and ripe!

    And for a few buck no less. There were also farmers’ markets all over the city. During the Summer months, my mother, beyond potatoes, never bought produce at the grocery store. There was no need. I can still taste the big, “beef-stake” tomatoes, firm, juicy and huge. What they call heirloom today: overpriced, dry and mealy crap, in comparison.

    Yes, maybe we are headed back to those days and that life, only better!

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