“The Community Exchange System”

Living life means having to deal with decisions and our choices, good or bad. We can decide to stay in and partake of a system of government, which is robbing us blind and destroying us, or we can look for alternatives that will place the control of our lives back into our own hands.

It’s our choice: one way leads to a total dependence on and enslavement to a corrupt and monstrous system of government, while the alternative can lead to true individual freedom and a life worth living:

Tim Jenkin – The Community Exchange System

Very informative interview with Tim Jenkin, who founded the CES in Cape Town, an amazingly user-friendly alternative economy that has gone global over the last few years.

Tim Jenkin – The Community Exchange System – Zen Gardner.


Here is an application form:


Thank you to Dr. Bramhall!

5 thoughts on ““The Community Exchange System”

  1. It’s great to see things like this going on. People are working together within their own countries and with others around the world to create some thing new. I think movements like this are going to continue to grow as people become increasingly disillusioned with our current system


  2. Thanks for the reblog!

    I agree. There may not be some gigantic rebellion this time. The destruction of this system may just come bit by bit and piece by piece until it no longer exists.

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  3. I figured you knew about this. I’m just beginning to find out about all of the alternatives out there.

    I’ll add this application to the post.



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