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“Yes We Can!”

Concerned American Dad

In 2008 not only was the economy brought to its knees but the entire financial system was on the verge of collapse. For seven years now it’s been on life support. We found out again this afternoon from the Fed’s FOMC notes that it will remain so. Immediately after reading the notes the financial media again began their kabuki debate about when the Fed will raise rates. There has been no recovery.

The illusion of a recovery has been created and constantly served up to the public by the government’s lies massaged statistics and their propaganda wing, the controlled and scripted mainstream media.

The Fed’s shell game of “new money out of thin air” pumped into the banks and what used to be markets have kept interest rates artificially suppressed. Low rates while maintaining the status quo have been punishing savers and forcing them into higher-risk investments.

Am I the only one who gets pi$$#@* each month…

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Something’s Brewing: #44

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The West has already lost the ideological battle

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“American Addict: The Medical Police State”

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