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My cousin Alicia is extraordinarily beautiful. She has the sort of spark that ignites the air you breathe and makes you gasp with confused awe. With eyes fizzing like neutron stars and hair like a Caribbean sunset, her cheeky yet beguiling laugh is enough to send you dizzy. Alicia's Story

But that’s not what she sees. Tormented by friends, bullied by her peers, ignored by teachers and abandoned by her father, Alicia sees someone who isn’t beautiful at all. Or wanted.

The real risk of bullying isn’t the bruises, or the intimidation or even the isolation. The most dangerous and profound effect of bullying is the way it shapes the way you see yourself. It’s the way it convinces you, after a while, that they’re right. It creates a mindset that perpetuates the bullying, long after the bullies have grown bored and moved on.

My beautiful cousin Alicia has struggled with depression, self-harm and panic attacks…

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Political Activism (Within the System): Demanding, Begging and Pleading, Just like Powerless Children!

As Einstein pointed out, doing the same exact thing over and over again, while expecting a different result each time, is the very definition of insanity. It is also the very definition of political activism within this system, as the following article strongly suggests: Anti-LNG Rally in Salem Confuses the Public About Where Real Power … Continue reading Political Activism (Within the System): Demanding, Begging and Pleading, Just like Powerless Children!

What Does “Low Dose” Mean When It Comes to Exposure to Toxic Chemicals?

What is wrong with this picture?

News for the Revolution

A major study reveals how exposure over 80 different chemicals could have synergistic impacts on the development of cancer.

By Genna Reed
July 01, 2015
AlterNet, June 29, 2015

The chemicals that we’re exposed to in our daily lives are often approved by the government under the assumption that they’re safe in small doses, even over a long period of time. For years, regulators relied on the old adage “the dose makes the poison” to try to explain their logic. While that might have appeared true for certain chemicals for many years, we now live in a world where exposure to a large variety of chemicals is unavoidable and it’s finally becoming clear that we can’t evaluate these chemicals in isolation.

Think about a simple picnic in a city park. The air you breathe is filled with particulate matter from car exhaust, the landscaping was likely treated with chemical fertilizers…

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Cuba Has Officially Eradicated HIV Transmission to Babies*

Well now, isn’t this amazing? The “ungodly, evil communists/socialists” in Cuba have helped save unborn babies from a virus most likely created by the corporate capitalists at Pig Pharma!

Meanwhile, all Mericans can do is mass-murder babies before they can be born! Odd isn’t it? What a shining light on the hill?

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Cuba Has Officially Eradicated HIV Transmission to Babies*

The World Health Organizaiton says Cuba has just scored a huge victory in the global battle against HIV and syphilis.

Cuba became the first country in the world Tuesday to be recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) for eliminating mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis.

“This is a major victory in our long fight against HIV and sexually transmitted infections, and an important step towards having an AIDS-free generation” said Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General.

According to the WHO, Cuba’s mother-to-child transmission rate of HIV is now below 2 percent of births, while syphilis transmission is less than 0.5 percent. Just two babies were born with HIV in Cuba in 2013, while 5 were born with syphilis, according to figures verified by the WHO and the Pan American Health Organization.

Michel Sidibe, Executive Director of the United Nations program UNAIDS, described Cuba’s achievement as…

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