Bought Movie Bonus Short- Unnecessary Vaccinating

Watch the following short video, and then wake up to the truth!

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Alternative Currency Versus Government Money

"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it!" Mahatma Gandhi Alternative Currency Versus Government Money By IamSatoshi Ulterior States - an IamSatoshi Production - a film by Tomer Kantor. Visit via Activist Post: Alternative Currency Versus Government Money.

There’s only one side

One humanity, bound together in peace, love and life!

Jambo Robyn

One heart, one love

I’m on the side
Of the whole world

One soul, one truth

Hair can be straight,
Frazzled or curled

One life, one dream

Skin can be warmth,
Yet men are grouped

One earth, one peace

Eyes may not see
Minds can be duped

One voice, one hope

A human dies
As nations weep

One world, one joy

One is awake
Two are asleep.


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A Beam of Light in the Darkness!

In this troubled, dark world, here is a bright, shining light: New App Is Helping Feed Hundreds of Thousands of Homeless People By Carey Wedler When UC Berkeley student Komal Ahmad invited a homeless man to lunch three years ago, she was inspired to create an app that would change the lives of hundreds of … Continue reading A Beam of Light in the Darkness!