Bought Movie Bonus Short- Unnecessary Vaccinating

Watch the following short video, and then wake up to the truth!

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6 thoughts on “Bought Movie Bonus Short- Unnecessary Vaccinating

  1. Great video. I cannot begin to understand the insanity of giving newborns vaccines for diseases they have almost zero chance of getting. Yet another example of the greed and corruption at the heart of our system


  2. Talk about child abuse! Did you see these fiends jabbing these little babies with needles, over and over again. But I guess it’s okay for these creatures to abuse children, they are “MDs”?

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  3. They’ve been indoctrinated and have blind faith in the system.

    I can’t believe that government agencies that are supposed to be protecting us, are working with the drug companies to approve these drugs and commit these crimes. They all need to thrown in jail


  4. Maybe it’s my old age and cynicism, but this does not surprise me. I am appalled by it and angry as hell, but to be honest this system/order, here in my country, simply continues to live down to the low expectations I have come to expect of it!

    What would really shock me would be the FDA and CDC actually doing something to curb and imprison these genocidal freaks of nature! But you cannot expect extreme evil to ever be good or do good!

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  5. This really is a wake up moment, as these babies are jabbed over and over again. And California has already taken the parents’ right to say no away, for the most part.

    But I really do believe people are starting to wake up to this.



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