“The Time has Come – Detach, Don’t Cooperate, and Speak Up Against the Tyranny…”

“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it!” Mahatma Gandhi If we have a desire to change this troubled country and world, then it is up to we the individuals to do whatever we can to stand up to the tyrants who are destroying us and this planet: … Continue reading “The Time has Come – Detach, Don’t Cooperate, and Speak Up Against the Tyranny…”

Parents Receive Millions After The Flu Vaccine Did This To Their Child

“She suffered a hypoxic brain injury along with kidney, liver, and bone marrow failure. She can now no longer walk or talk and needs round-the-clock care. Saba was diagnosed with having cerebral palsy from an Acquired Brain Injury cause by the flu vaccination (“Flu-Vax” by CSL). She is also a spastic quadriplegia and has epilepsy and respiratory weakness.

Three days after what happened to Saba, the vaccine was recalled.”

News for the Revolution

By Arjun Walia
July 6, 2015
Collective Evolution

sabaIn 2010, a young girl by the name of Saba Rose had a very severe and life changing reaction to the flu vaccine given out that year. As a result of what happened to her (and the subsequent awareness raised about the dangers of this vaccine), the product is now no longer available to children. She is one of many children who have been severely injured by vaccination. Despite the belief that such tragedy is rare, it is actually a fairly common occurrence, and this is why billions of dollars have been paid out to families with children who have proven to be injured by vaccines through what is called the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act, or the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act – a program that actually shields pharmaceutical companies and vaccine manufacturers for injury and death caused by vaccines which, again, seems to…

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Man’s Greed-Driven Inhumanity to Man!

In a movie (Genetic Roulette Movie) I posted the other day, one of the scientists being interviewed stated, "There is one and one-half times the amount of food needed to feed every human being on the planet. It is the senseless discarding of food and the cost that is causing people to starve." And here … Continue reading Man’s Greed-Driven Inhumanity to Man!

Study: DTaP Vaccine Is Causing Whooping Cough Resurgence

Image: Dees Illustration There is a never ending stream of damning evidence revealing just how ineffective and dangerous vaccines truly are: Study: DTaP Vaccine Is Causing Whooping Cough Resurgence By Heather Callaghan A study just published in BMC Medicine by Santa Fe Institute Omidyar Fellows Ben Althouse and Sam Scarpino used algorithms to see what caused … Continue reading Study: DTaP Vaccine Is Causing Whooping Cough Resurgence

Latin America: Five Centuries of Pillage

After reading the following review, I find it much easier to understand why White Europeans and Mericans are considered, by most peoples of color, to be “The Devil.”

And this old post of mine helps to reveal how the Christian religion has been the major cause of this well-deserved description:

Christianity: A History of Depravity and Genocide! | An Outsider's Sojourn II.

The Most Revolutionary Act

open veins of latin america

Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent

Eduardo Galeano (translated by Cedric Belfrade)

Monthly Review Press (1973, 1999)

Download free PDF: Open Veins of Latin America

Open Veins of Latin America is about the brutal rape of Latin America and its people that commenced from the first point of contact with Columbus in 1453. The 1999 edition includes an addendum Galeano wrote in 1977. It discusses the rise of the pseudo-populist Peron in Argentina, the CIA coupe in Chile in 1973 and the barbarous Pinochet regime.

For me, the main benefit of reading this book was appreciating my overall ignorance of Latin American history. For example, I had no idea that Latin America was an economic colony of England even before they gained political independence from Spain. According to Galeano, this came about due to Spain’s failure to develop a manufacturing base. He blames…

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