The Humiliation of Greece

This excellent post deals with how the Greek people are being sold out by their government. Sound familiar? But this post is also an excellent example of why I believe all major systems of government should be done away with:

“Anarchism,stands for direct action, the open defiance of, and resistance to, all laws and restrictions, economic, social, and moral. But defiance and resistance are illegal. Therein lies the salvation of man. Everything illegal necessitates integrity, self-reliance, and courage… Direct action against the authority in the shop, direct action against the authority of the law, direct action against the invasive, meddlesome authority of our moral code, is the logical, consistent method of Anarchism.”



“If voting changed anything they’d make it illegal.”

Thus spake Emma Goldman a hundred years ago.  Emma was the preeminent anarchist of her day, deported from the United States for “subversive” activities by J. Edgar Hoover who came down to the pier at dawn to see her off to the Soviet Union of  V. I. Lenin.

Emma became a first class pain in the ass to Lenin wanting to know why the anarchists were in jail.  He replied “because they are criminals, not philosophers!”

Emma left Russia after the crushing of the Kronstadt revolt, knowing the revolution had been lost.  In explaining her anarchism, Goldman wrote:

“The dominant, almost general, idea of revolution—particularly the Socialist idea—is that revolution is a violent change of social conditions through which one social class, the working class, becomes dominant over another class, the capitalist class. It is the conception of a purely physical change…

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Greek government approves brutal austerity measures in proposal to EU

We the individuals of this world have no say in what happens to us anymore, not that we ever did.

And here is one more example:

“Greece’s Syriza-led government agreed to a massive new €13 billion (US$14.34 billion) package of austerity measures yesterday evening, less than a week after Sunday’s landslide “no” vote in a referendum on European Union (EU) austerity.”

News for the Revolution

By Alex Lantier
July 10, 2015
World Socialist Web Site

Greece’s Syriza-led government agreed to a massive new €13 billion (US$14.34 billion) package of austerity measures yesterday evening, less than a week after Sunday’s landslide “no” vote in a referendum on European Union (EU) austerity.

The proposal would be the deepest package of cuts since the EU austerity drive began in Greece in late 2009. It goes well beyond the proposed €8 to 9 billion in cuts initially demanded by the EU in talks with Syriza.

The 13-page proposal was submitted to the EU, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Central Bank (ECB) before the midnight deadline previously set by the institutions. In exchange for cuts, the Greek government is reportedly asking for a €53.5 billion ($59.2 billion) loan to the Greek state and some form of debt restructuring, allowing it to avoid state bankruptcy and remain in the euro…

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“You Call That Environmentalism? I Call It Anti-Human”

The never-ending parade of wack-jobs continues to march right along. It's an insane world we the individuals live in, because there are insane "people" either running it or acting as the obedient stooges for those who do: You Call That Environmentalism? I Call It Anti-Human By Joshua Krause There’s nothing wrong with being an environmentalist. … Continue reading “You Call That Environmentalism? I Call It Anti-Human”

Something’s Brewing: #36

It would seem Linda Ronstadt's old boyfriend, Governor Jerry Brown, has become just another paid-off stooge of the elite psychopaths. And the children of California will, with the aid of Pig Pharma's ineffective, toxic and disease-spreading vaccines, end up paying the price with their health, thanks to Brown's decision to sign California SB277: California Law … Continue reading Something’s Brewing: #36

A Measles Death, Vaccines, and the Media’s Failure to Inform

“The woman who died was not among the unvaccinated. On the contrary, she not only had been vaccinated, but reportedly was tested and found to have a protective antibody titer. She nevertheless became infected with measles while seeking medical attention in a clinic. She died from pneumonia, which can be caused by any number of other bacterial or viral infections besides measles, including the common cold and flu. The reason her immune system couldn’t handle the infection was because doctors had her on immunosuppressive drugs. Hence, medical intervention was a contributing factor in her death.”

News for the Revolution

There is a discussion to be had about public vaccine policy. The media ought to start having it.

By Jeremy R. Hammond
Global Research, July 09, 2015
Foreign Policy Journal, July 5, 2015

Universal-Flu-Vaccine1Last week, it was widely reported in the mainstream media that the autopsy of a woman who died of pneumonia earlier this year in the state of Washington found that she had been infected with measles, making this the first confirmed case of measles-related death in the US since 2003. Playing its usual role, the mainstream media is up in arms, blaming the death on parents who choose not to vaccinate their children and telling parents that to not vaccinate is irresponsible. Rather than journalists doing their job by asking hard questions about public policy and seeking out the answers, they choose to act as nothing more than a mouthpiece for government…

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Below is a clip taken from the “One More Girl” documentary, a film regarding the Gardasil vaccine, which was designed to prevent Human Papillomavirus. In it, Dr. Peter Rost, MD, a former vice president of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world (Pfizer), shares the truth about the ties between the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Rost is a former vice president of Pfizer, and a whistleblower of the entire pharmaceutical industry in general. He is the author of “The Whistleblower, Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman.” Considering his work experience, it would be an understatement to say that he is an insider expert on big pharma marketing.

Below are a couple of quotes from both a former and a current editor-in-chief of the two largest, and what are considered to be the most credible, medical journals in the world. It’s only fitting to include them…

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