Cuba and Heberprot – B


Úlcera del pie diabético 

Pie con úlcera curada luego de recibir tratamiento con Heberprot-P

Most of you who waste your precious time reading this blog know that I am “elderly”; I will be 73 later this year.

You may also know that I have been a type 1 diabetic for virtually all of my life. Two shots of insulin a day for as long as I can remember.

I survived a heart attack in 1995; slept through it, got up and went to work. No massive pain. No elephant sitting on my chest. Just a small strange pain about the size of the tip of my finger in the middle of my chest. I felt like I was getting the flu; low grade fever, general aches and fatigue. I drove to work on the Jersey Turnpike at my usual 80 miles an hour. Could have killed a whole bunch of folks.

I took a few sick days but didn’t feel any better. When I…

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