The N.E.A. & Home Education

The nation’s largest teacher’s union is at it again. The N.E.A. is slamming home schooling simply because it works, while the public education system continues to disintegrate.

Home schooled children grow by leaps and bounds in knowledge, imagination and maturity, while most public school students learn how to be ‘politically correct’, ‘good consumers’, stoned, and how to be treated for stds. Public school students spend their school days watching the clock and becoming just another indoctrinated, misinformed, ignorant and basically brain-dead member of this Merican society, this Merican herd of chattel:

National Teachers Union Bashes Homeschooling

By Katy Khaos

The National Education Association (NEA) recently made some statements in their 2014-15 resolution that clearly show how much they detest homeschooling despite it consistently producing the best academic outcomes for students! It’s obvious that the union feels threatened by the explosion of students leaving the system to be home educated.

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Of course the N.E.A. despises home education. Home schooling makes the public school system look like a bad joke in every way possible, because it is a bad joke, a criminal joke. Home schooling has done more to expose the absolute failure of the public “education” system than any book ever written or documentary ever made.

As with this system of government, it’s time for this convoluted and worthless public “education” system to be put out of its misery.

There is a reason for the old adage, “Those who can’t, teach.” Children need to be instructed and challenged by those who CAN, who HAVE and who STILL DO! Most public school teachers can’t, they never have, and they never will.

Note: I taught music in a performing arts high school. And all the faculty members were professionals, they were still practicing their art as they were teaching. This was a requirement to be hired at this school.

There are no such requirements for the common teacher in the public school system: if the teacher has gone to and been indoctrinated by the college education system, and is still breathing, he or she will be shoved into a classroom and turned loose on helpless, unknowing children.

This system of “education” is broken beyond repair, just like the larger system that operates it, and therefore, it is never going to improve. This system of “education” can only get worse.

This system of “education” was designed, from its inception, not to work in favor of the child or the Merican people. It was designed to do what it is, and has been, doing, since it first slithered out of its elite corporate, whore mother: this system was created to turn out mindless beasts of burden to be worked to death with the rest of the herd. This system was designed to destroy the unique individuality of every child it could get its despotic hands on and turn that child into a mindless cog that would always do as it is told and without question (absolute obedience/servitude).

If this is not the education you want for your children, then home school (home educate) them. Check out home schooling sites, and you will find that you have no need of a PhD to teach your children. And there are homeschooling parent organizations out there to help you get started and see you through to graduation!

Don’t allow your children to be used and abused by this tyrannical system. Take the alternative route (homeschooling), and allow your children to grow up as the unique individuals they are and were meant to be. Take the alternative route, and be responsible for your children’s education and life. It is the parent’s responsibility to oversee the education of their children, not the despotic and manipulative state!


5 thoughts on “The N.E.A. & Home Education

  1. The education system is designed to fail. Educating our children in these systems is an absolute waste of the potential of our young. But the way things are headed, it is only a matter of time before they try to outlaw homeschooling


  2. Thanks for the reblog. That will be their own downfall here. They’ll be cutting their own throat and they know it. I believe homeschooling is almost as entrenched here now, as guns and rifles, Since the prepper movement began, more and more people are educating their children. This may be the reason for young people, like this young woman, having such strong anti establishment sentiments.

    They have screwed around with this system of “education” for too long, and wasted vast amounts of money, and even older people are fed up and no longer want to pay. This is why, more and more, school levies, for the most part, fail in this country.

    It’s all crumbling, it’s just going to take all of us down with it!

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  3. I can understand that the NEA would be concern about Obama’s and Arne Duncan’s diversion of public education funds to private charter schools – not only are charter schools more more effective in teaching basic skills but they divert scarce funds from inner city public schools that are already badly disintegrating.

    However I think NEA is making a big strategic mistake in attacking home schooling. They’re losing an important opportunity to ally themselves with parents instead of alienating them.


  4. Yes, charter schools are just a manipulation, an appeasement to parents whose children were not being educated in the system, which is still the case in charter schools. Like everything here, it is all a scam!

    I was a teacher and member of the NEA and other unions during my working years. The NEA, like most unions in this country, is in the pockets of the elite, so it could care less about educating children or allying parents. It’s an elite owned and operated machine that helps to indoctrinate and intimidate teachers who then, turn around and perpetrate the same on their students. The education system was created for a covert sinister purpose, from its inception, and so it simply needs to be done away with.

    The responsibility of educating and raising children is on the parent’s, first and foremost, and then the small, not large, community. Parents need to be in complete control of their children’s education, so they know what their children are being taught and how they are being taught. And there is no way for a parent to know either of these in a monstrous public education system.

    We have all the proof we need that public education doesn’t work, and I don’t care if it’s here, in Japan or Europe. The “dumbing down” is happening all over the world, because education has always been a mind control device of the elite. Test scores matter little in comparison to the herd-mentality brainwashing that is taking place covertly, where the parents and community cannot see or discern. Bernays is alive and well in the education system!

    The education system was horrible when I was a student, but with all the left and right political agendas and games being played today (pandering the latest political narrative bias), it has become a monstrous joke!

    I saw and experienced, as a student and teacher, what this system amounts to, and if I had children, this system would never get its inept, tyrannical paws on them.

    Homeschooling! I’ve been around home schooled children for years now, and the majority make the public school graduates i know look like uninformed, drug addicted, maladjusted nincompoops. And I’m not blowing smoke here!

    For me, this issue goes hand in hand with the small self-governing/sustaining community model, where everyone is accountable to each other and not some wealthy psychopath no one has ever laid eyes on. It is “the entire village raising the child.”


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