The Cancer Conspiracy

If you still have great faith in the AMA, FDA and your doctor, as well as the medications they pander for Pig Pharma, then I suggest you check out the following review and video!

The Most Revolutionary Act

Cancer: the Forbidden Cures

Messimo Mazzucco (2010)

Film Review

Cancer: the Forbidden Cures examines the deliberate effort, by the medical establishment and Big Pharma, to suppress non-phamaceutical cancer treatments. According to filmmaker Messimo Mazzucco, this is the main reason there have been no innovations in cancer treatment in the last hundred years.

Treating cancer is a big business, worth more than $50 million a year – despite the extremely poor track record of conventional cancer treatment. Both radiation therapy and chemotherapy are carcinogenic (i.e. cause cancer). Moreover because both shut down the immune system, it’s common, particularly with chemotherapy, for the treatment to kill the patient before the cancer does. According to Mazzucco, at most 5% of patients “cure” their cancer with chemotherapy.

The documentary begins by tracing how Rockefeller, Carnegie and J. P. Morgan, as barons of the chemical industry (which would morph into the pharmaceutical industry) facilitated the…

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How Cuba is Revolutionizing Global Health Care

Here, Mr and Ms Merica, is the worldwide beneficial results of that “evil” communist country, Cuba, we were all warned about as indoctrinated children.

What we didn’t know was, we were the ones living in an evil country, a corporate capitalist country!

Look to Havana, Mr and Ms Merica, if you want to see a government that cares for its people and others!

The Most Revolutionary Act

Salud! : What Puts Cuba on the Map in the Quest for Global Health

Connie Field (2009)

Film Review

Salud! Is about the global struggle to overcome health inequality and the vital role Cuba plays in this effort. Filmmaker Connie Field is totally open about her perspective that that health car is a basic right and not a commodity, as it’s viewed in the US.

In pre-revolutionary Cuba, only a small wealthy elite had access to health care. The poor, who comprised 90-90% of the population, died in droves of treatable conditions, such as malaria, respiratory infection, parasites and infantile diarrheal infections.

The Castro regime responded to this health crisis by training tens of thousands of doctors. At present, Cuba has 60,000 doctors for a population of 11 million, making their health system one of the best resourced in the world.

Ending Diseases of Poverty Worldwide

Cuba has been extremely…

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Now This is What I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout!

The following is a comment I received from Dr. Bramhall, in response to my post here: Well, I guess I’m really fortunate to belong to a really strong and effective local group called Climate Justice Taranaki. We have successfully gotten one fracking rig shut down because it exceeded legal noise levels and we’re successfully persuading … Continue reading Now This is What I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout!

What No One Is Supposed To Know About Vaccination

"Vaccine promoters are quick to point out that the injection of disease organisms into the body produces a response in the form of the appearance of “antibodies” in the blood. That is undeniably true, though the name is arbitrary and may be misleading by design. The fact is that the presence of “antibodies” does not … Continue reading What No One Is Supposed To Know About Vaccination